How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging

We all know blogging is a serious business that we can earn passive income. Most people gave up after one or two months of trying as they do not see immediate results. Before answering the question on how long to earn the first income from blogging, let me ask you the following questions. They will determine how soon you will earn your first passive income from blogging.

How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging

How Much Effort You Are Willing to Pay to Blog?

My articles in my blog page do not teach people to earn quick money by doing some illegal internet businesses. To own reliable money-making machines, you need to put effort and invest your time in creating your serious business – blogging.

How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging

There is no free lunch in this world. If you want to achieve financial freedom, then you should not underestimate the time and effort that you need to pay in order to build your very first website that will generate constant income to you.

Blogging requires time to:-

  • Set up your website;
  • Learn about Search Engine Optimization;
  • Implement SEO technique that you learn;
  • Write articles;
  • Engage your readers by replying comments;
  • Research your niche;

The time dedication is apportioned into learning and executing processes. These two elements go in a loop where you learn and implement and learn again.

SEO is not some rules that will stay as it is, the algorithm will change from time to time and it is important to learn this algorithm changes. One of the platforms that I keep myself up-to-date is Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Find Time?

Almost every one of us has difficulty finding the time and often complain about not having enough time for family, for work and for starting a new online business.

That is exactly why the poor stays as poor because the poor trades their time and do not know how to manage their time. I previously posted an article on how to improve time management skills and it is worth reading through.

How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging 2

People are not aware how much 5 minutes can bring differences to your life. The accumulation of many 5 minutes can add up to quite a lot of time. How do we find those time?

Most people nowadays like to browse through what other people are doing on Facebook, watching funny video clips on Youtube, watching TV series on televisions and some even waste their time complaining about their life.

Do you know how much you can do with all those time that you simply spend for gaining nothing?

If you commute to work every day, bring a book, read and learn.

If you are bored at home, read, learn and blog.

Whenever you are available and have nothing planned in your schedule, use it wisely and do something that is beneficial to you.

How Much Do You Know?

How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging 3I had no experience in blogging and no idea how to generate income from Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate, and Wealthy Affiliate when I first started.

That means I needed to spend more time and effort to learn. The learning curve was pretty steep for me and it hence took me relatively longer to have my website established.

The experience you have about blogging and affiliate marketing partly contributes to answering of “How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging”.

It does not mean that if you know nothing, that is going to take you more time to earn your first income. Most of the time, the experienced people tend not to learn new technology and keep to their old strategies.

No matter you are inexperienced or not, it is recommended to work with a workable blueprint and a group of supportive community members that will guide you through and letting you know how you could make things better.

Again, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate as that is where I learn and know great mentors. Do not learn by trial and error as it is just a waste of time. If you have the access to the experts, ask and learn from them.


This is the key – implement everything you learn. To speed up the rate of achieving success, you have to get the right advice and you have to implement the right method. Some people know how to do, but fail to execute. Some people are eager to take action, but they do not want to learn.

How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging?

I guess you must be complaining that you don’t get the real answer up to now. Indeed, there is no definite answer to that question. I have a friend from Wealthy Affiliate earned his first income in 3 weeks after implementing all he learned.

That is because he was very dedicated and spent most of his time going through the training course available and asking people for feedback about his website. He had no idea about affiliate marketing and he knew a little about WordPress.

It is possible to earn your first income after 3 weeks, some took 1 month and some don’t earn anything until the website is “mature” in the 6th month. So, that really depends on how much effort and time you are willing to pay – No Pay No Gain.




How Long to Earn the First Income From Blogging

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