How Blogging Helps You Develop An Entrepreneur’s Personality

From hobbies to businesses, blogs sure have come a long way and evolved in terms of making money on the internet. It used to be just ads, then the eBooks and digital products came in, and then the apps and marketing software got in on all the action, too. Blogging is continuously evolving at a very fast rate similar to technology. Though blogs are still the same content platforms, they now have so many benefits and uses in the business and marketing industry. They are used today to get more traffic, potential clients or customers, and to make more money for businesses.

How Blogging Helps You Develop An Entrepreneur’s Personality

These blogging platforms are not the only ones evolving. If the use of the platform changes, the owners has to do the same, otherwise they would get left behind. Of course, these owners that I’m talking about are us. We are the bloggers behind our blogs. We have evolved in the same way and we are swarming in all industries from the fashion to the finance to the sports niche. We are everywhere. In whatever corner of the internet, bloggers are there covering all stories and topics.

Our growth and development as bloggers can be of so many skills depending on our niche, but we all develop one common persona through blogging. Because these platforms have just invaded the world of making money online, which is part of the world of entrepreneurs, starting a blog can help us develop an entrepreneur’s personality.

An entrepreneur is the key person who operates a business. This personality if very beneficial in planning and executing a business to become successful. So in order to take advantage of that, I’ve written four ways on how blogging can help you become the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be and build your online dream business.

Looking For Opportunity

The first thing about being an entrepreneur is always looking for opportunity, especially in the making-money-isle. Many bloggers have come up with so many ideas and innovations that they have become an important part of the critical evolution of blogging. And they have turned the blogosphere as one part of the internet that makes the most money. Solopreneurs or big companies trying to get a piece, they all need the same thing–the opportunity to make money. And as a blogger, who wants to have the laptop lifestyle, that personality is developed in us.

We always tend to ask, ‘How do we make money from blogging?’ And through that, we create this personality of always looking for ways to succeed.

Taking Risks

Being opportunistic is only one part of being an entrepreneur. We all have the same chances and opportunities tend to come our way even if we’re not looking for it. Most of the time they are actually unexpected. The question is not, ‘Will we ever get the chance to make money on the internet?’ It’s actually ‘Are we ready to take the leap?’

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that we can always find the best and most proven way of making money on the internet. Being an entrepreneur is grabbing opportunities with less assurance of it working and then proving that it does work. Starting a blog teaches us to take risks by grabbing every opportunity we can get through our blog whether it’s through blog collaborations, working with brands or advertisers, servicing clients, or others. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through blogging, it’s that if you’re only just starting out on your blog you have to say yes to all if not most of the opportunities that come your way because you never know which one will really work for you.

Becoming Passionate

Every successful blogger that I know has a niche. It’s that specific part of the market that gives us an opportunity to make a profit. They live it, they love it, they become what their niche is.

By loving what our content is about we become passionate and we learn more. The more we focus on what our blogs are all about, the more we master it and we create experts from ourselves. Through our blogs, we first master being human by showing emotions through what we do and what we believe in. We can become the kind of experts that clients or customers can’t ignore; the kind that they trust because of the transparency that we believe in what we do; the kind of experts that they buy from and keep coming back to.

An entrepreneur’s mindset shows this similar behavior to make their businesses successful. They become religious with their work. A successful entrepreneur is passionate not just about making money but is passionate about the mission, which is the backbone of his or her business.

Builds Patience And Persistence

The hardest part of blogging is that it takes a huge amount of time and if you do not have the patience to do it, then you are not fit to be a blogger. It also requires a lot of persistence. Many bloggers say that if you start a blog, you should give it, at least, a year before quitting if nothing happens. Well, by observation, successful bloggers didn’t just take a year to get to their current status today, a lot of them took more than five or even ten years. Yes, that’s long and not only did it consume time, it took a lot of effort.

An entrepreneur is just as patient and persistent as a blogger. Most entrepreneurs fail because once their first business fails, they quit. The real entrepreneur doesn’t quit that easily even if they lose their first, second, or even third businesses, even if the bank doesn’t approve their business loans, or even if others don’t want to collaborate with them. They won’t stop until they become successful. Bloggers will also do the same. We bloggers will do anything and try anything to get our blog traffics up. We would even contact every brand out there and ask for collaborations. We spend nights in front of our laptops trying to write the best articles for our readers. Through this, we develop the same patience and persistence as an entrepreneur.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean to just write and take photos then post it on the internet. Blogging is so much more. It can be a full-time job. Your blog can be profitable for you, so start thinking like an entrepreneur because when you launched your blog, you already have it built in you.

Written by Heide Padilla

About the Author, Heide Padilla

“With a goal to help bloggers turn their blogs into businesses and assist entrepreneurs in extending their businesses into the online community of dotcoms to reach more potential customers, clients, and audience, Heide Padilla is starting a revolution in the blogging industry of Asia through her blog, KOL Blogging Business.” (

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5 Responses

  1. Heide says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity of guest posting here on your blog, Alex! 🙂 Looks great.

  2. Stu says:

    There is so much truth in this. Your last two points were phenomenal, and it really does take a lot of patience and persistence. I’m just starting to see consistent success with my blog and I’ve got 129 articles written. That’s a lot of writing! Lol. Now I’m having deja vu. Did I post this exact message before? 😀 Wow that was weird. Anywho, it takes an incredible amount of passion because even then, there will be those days when you just want to throw in the towel (not permanently, for me anyway). Blogging is one of the most tedious exercises on the planet, but oh so rewarding. Thanks for the great article. Amazing site layout btw.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Stu,
      I strongly agree with you that blogging requires a significant amount of patience and persistence. It is a tough job but it is your business that you are building. It is always better to work on your dreams than for someone else.

      This is a great article from Heide. Thanks for her contribution in this article.


    • Heide says:

      Hi, Stu! Thanks for your kind words. Blogging is very rewarding in so many aspects, not just in making money online but also in building our personalities. I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks!

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