Gift Hunter Club Review – What is Gift Hunter Club About?

Gift Hunter Club Review – What is Gift Hunter Club About

Welcome to our Gift Hunter Club review

What’s up guys! Today we’re going to are going to be talking about Gift Hunter Club.

In a nutshell, Gift Hunter Club is a rewards site that pays you to do things like taking surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and much more.

Hence, it does share similarities with Swagbucks.

Overall It is a decent and legitimate reward site.

However, it is not our top pick because it is lacking in ways to earn money, available rewards, and is somewhat frustrating as we will go over in this review.

The Gift Hunter Club Review Summary

Product Name: Gift Hunter Club

Product type: Reward Site

Price: Free

Best For: Anyone wishes to earn pocket money

Rating: 70/100

Recommended:  Yes

Owner: Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL

Gift Hunter Club Review – What is Gift Hunter Club About

What is the Gift Hunter Club?

There are plenty of online platforms and opportunities available on the internet in which you can earn pocket money such as TryMyUIFusionCash, and OfferBux.

Gift Hunter Club is a get paid online website that will allow you to possibly earn money by performing simple and easy tasks. 

As a member of Gift Hunter Club, you click on the ads of third-party sites in which you complete the requested offers but the reward will be credited to your account.

It is available worldwide, the available opportunities for surveys and offers depend on your demographics.

In some countries, you will not find enough offers to reach the payout limit. However, in countries like the USA and Canada there are many offers.

The site is completely free but you may need to share your details with some of the third party sites and for some offers, you must join on other sites that require a payment.

However, most of the available ways to earn money on the site are free.

How To Make Money With Gift Hunter Club?

Gift Hunter Club Review – What is Gift Hunter Club About

Signing Up Bonus

The sign up is very quick as you don’t even need to confirm your email address. You will get 75 points just for signing up.

The next step is to complete your profile to unlock more surveys and then, you are ready to browse a few offers.


They are multiple third-party providers that you can find on many Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. When you choose one of the available options, you can see the offers.

They include many types of offers. You can watch videos, click ads, sign up on other sites, download apps, complete surveys, play games, etc.

Many of the third-party sites will ask your personal details like name, email, and phone. They will use them to send you more offers and promotional material.

The rewards depend on the tasks. Watching videos or downloading apps are low earners 1-2 cents per task but there are some good opportunities as well like surveys and cashback offers.

Completing trial offers may seem like an easy way to earn points. However, you should be very careful with the different types of offers you will encounter.

There are harmless offers such as those that require a simple sign up to a survey platform. But you will find trial offers that will ask you to submit credit card information and subscribe to a service.

The first 14 or 30 days are usually free, but the company will automatically renew your subscription and charge you for the service after that. So, you need to keep track of all the offers you accept and read all the terms and conditions carefully.

Daily Surveys

Online surveys is certainly the most popular strategy to make money online.

Now, because they need many people to take part in a study, the payout for each survey turns out to be very small!

Not only you get paid less than $1 most of the times, but you also have to answer unpaid pre-qualifying questions that usually takes 1 or 2 minutes. That is because each study often requires a very specific group of people – Women/ men, car owners, pet owners, etc.

It’s disappointing the fact that Gift Hunter Club doesn’t provide its own list of survey opportunities.

When you click on “Daily Surveys,” they will direct you to the survey list of Wannads, which is a third party Offerwall.

They have the standard pros and cons of the online surveys.

You can earn more cents than other offers but many times you will waste your time on surveys you are not going to complete because you will not be eligible on all of them.


These are some Crowdflower tasks. They pay a few cents per task but you can complete them fast. So, your goal here is to complete as many as possible.

It has different levels for the members. The higher levels have better and more available tasks. The only way to advance on the levels is by doing a good job.

There is a bonus for the tasks as well. For every 1,000 cents, you earn one extra dollar.

Video and Radio

Watching video is by far one of the easiest methods to earn cash online: watching videos.

While the payout isn’t high at only 1/2 point per video, you literally just have to click a button to watch a video for 60 seconds to be rewarded, so I do recommend this task.

However, there have been times in which annoying pop-ups come up. If this happens to you, go ahead and skip this one.

You can even get paid to listen to music via their radio.

Every 10 minutes a captcha will appear. Each time you enter in a code, you receive 0.5 points.

Since this task is easy to complete, we do recommend.

The only downside is that the payout is very minimial.


This is by far one of my favorite ways to earn points with Gift Hunter Club.

Each time you refer a friend, you receive 10% of all of their earnings.

Your friends also receive a bonus of 10 points just by using your referral link, which gives them some sort of incentive to use your link to get started.

Second-level referrals award you with 5% of all their earned points.

Since this task is so easy and pays out generally well, we do recommend it. 


Each month Gift Hunter Club holds contests rewarding their top member’s extra points for scoring in the top 10 of referrals and most points earned.

If you finish in the top 10, you’ll earn at least 100 points, and the 1st place winner receives 3500 points equal to $35.

This is an excellent way to maximize your earnings if you can make it in the top 10, but it won’t be easy.

What Is Big Time Cash? Can You Really Make Money for Free?

How to Cash Out Money From Gift Hunter Club?

There are two ways to use your rewards. The first one is to send your cents to your PayPal account and the second one is to get an Amazon gift card.

The minimum payout limit with PayPal is 530 cents and the limit through Amazon is 1000 cents.

You cannot use these options without phone validation. However, you discover that a phone validation is needed only when you want to ask for a cashout. The process of validation is not available if have not collect at least 400 cents.

The site sends the payments in a few business days. On the members’ area, you can see a page with testimonials who have published their PayPal earning proof.

Gift Hunter Club Review – What is Gift Hunter Club About

Pros and Cons of Gift Hunter Club


  • Low cash-out threshold.
  • A variety of ways to earn money online.
  • A phone App available.
  • A variety of rewards you can choose to redeem your points.
  • Easy to navigate website, with visual appeal.
  • Good customer support


  • A bit frustrating not to be able to complete some surveys on site, rather than sent away to other websites.
  • Not as much choice of rewards as some websites.
  • Low income with the amount of effort needed to go through the tasks.

Final Verdict

Gift Hunter Club is not a scam, it’s a legitimate reward site.

If you’re into trying out survey-related sites, then this is definitely a legit one that you should check out.

By having a few decent ones that you do enjoy visiting, you will have more opportunities to make a little extra on the side.

It’s just important that you don’t go in with false expectations – sometimes you will see reviews telling you that you can make thousands of dollars per month, just by completing surveys.

That is false information – if you dedicate some time to this site, you may make $10 or so per week, but rarely more.

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