Generate Extra Income – Affiliate Marketing

Just like many others, you are probably relying on one main source of income and hoping to read more on how you can generate extra income online or outside of your current job. It is very easy nowadays for people to earn extra cash online by leveraging your existing main competence. My preference is affiliate marketing.
Like what I am doing here, I earn money when I share my knowledge on money management, blogging, SEO and investment tips on my blog.
Let me tell you how I do it in this article. There are many ways to generate extra income, but let me share with you how I earn mine at the time of writing.

Generate Extra Income – Affiliate Marketing

Generate Extra Income - Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate

I earn commissions when I recommend readers of mine to join Wealthy Affiliate marketing program. You could see that I promote this program constantly in my posts, putting up banners to the side of my webpage and hyperlinking the program in my posts.

I do earn some commission when someone clicks through and join the program. This is an effective way to generate extra income once you have significant traffic to your blog.

It is, of course, important to promote a scam-free and legit program or service that allows you to earn your extra cash in a long term.

If you miss my review on Wealthy Affiliate in my previous post, you could read it here on Wealthy Affiliate Review (Updated 2015).

Amazon Affiliate

I bet you have heard about Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Do you see the books I am promoting here on my website (to the right of the page)?

Amazon affiliate program has been an important income stream. If you are an affiliate of Amazon, you are allowed to promote products on your website with customized HTML links to amazon.

When readers click on the banner and make a purchase from Amazon, you will then earn your commission for every single product sold.

The best thing about Amazon Affiliate is these links will stay on my website forever, and will continue to earn my commission for years to come.

This is essential to make sure that the products that you are trying to promote on your website to be relevant to your niche.

For example, it simply does not work if I try to promote perfume products on my website as readers on my website are interested in money management and investment, rather than perfume.

Key to Generate Extra Income Online

Generate Extra Income - Affiliate Marketing

Everyone earns money online based on one key element – Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! 

This is the most obvious key to helping generate money from your website. If you have high traffic to your website, that simply means you will have higher chance to have people buying products from Amazon or engage in Wealthy Affiliate program.

To gain high traffic, it is essential to create great content on your website and that, in turn, will engage more readers to your site. In the long run, that is what will help you to earn more over time.


Salary income is stable but it is not secured. Having an alternative way to generate passive income has become a trend nowadays due to the popularity of working from home and its flexibility.

I generate extra income online by blogging as I have been through the same process as you are experiencing now – bragging about your nine to five job, complaining about your hectic life, inadequate salary and demotivating office politics.

If you want to learn how to start to earn money online, join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you enjoy reading this article on Generate Extra Income – Affiliate Marketing.



Generate Extra Income - Affiliate Marketing


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