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Gener8 Review

Welcome to our Gener8 Review! 

Most people I knew want to have an extra income.  They do not really want to leave their current job but rather they just want to have a little extra. 

This Gener8 Review will talk about the company and the opportunities offered to its users.

Most individuals usually ask this question, is there such thing as making money online? 

Is it really possible to earn rewards just by simply surfing the internet?  

While there have been testimonials on this, there are still people who want to see results.

Reading through this Gener8 Review is a great step. 

You really need to check the background of the company before signing up.  

I understand that joining the program is free but you are sharing information about you and that is as dangerous as it can be.

Our personal information should not be shared with various sites to avoid scams.  Imagine sharing all your vital information and provide online payments. 

Most likely, your accounts can easily be hacked by this scrupulous people.  I suggest that you take some precautions.

This Gener8 Review will evaluate the company as well as its activities.  We will also discuss what the members are saying about the company.

Whether you are a blogger or vlogger, ads are very important.  It is the source of their income.  That is how the companies cover the cost of their publications. 

Gener8 provides an interesting service to the users.  

If you are tired of having advertisements every time you surf the internet, you will have a different view.

Gener8 Review Summary

Product Name: Gener8 

Founder: Sam Jones

Product type: Work-At-Home Opportunities

Price: Free to Join

Best For:Internet Surfers

Rating: 3/5

Recommended:  No

Gener8 Website Logo

What is Gener8? 

I can understand how annoying it can be for someone to be interrupted by advertisements.  What Gener8 does is that they have this advertising industry. 

These advertisements help their users to earn from these advertisements.

Of course, that is only one way of earning.  You can choose from many of the tasks on the list.  I

n each task, you will earn a reward as we go along in this Gener8 Review, you will know how to spend them.

I know that you are familiar with the ads that display when surfing the net. 

Gener8 created an application that can be installed in the browser as an extension.  

The purpose of the application is to basically block all the ads coming from outside sources.

The only ads that will be displayed when you surf the net are the Gener8 ads.  These ads that are being displayed during surfing is a money-making thing.  It gives you a certain amount of rewards when displayed.

Gener8 started in 2017 and the intention of the company is to have some changes in the advertising industry. 

The company is based in the United Kingdom.  

The founder of the Gener8 is Sam Jones and according to the company, users of the site can expect a decent income.

An average user of the site is said to earn about 20-40 pounds in a month. 

We can say that it is a generous reward for someone who is not really doing some work in a month. 

Gener8 Marketplace was launched and based on the estimation; the daily pay goes from .05 to .10 pounds per day.  

If my calculations are correct.  The users are just having about 1.5-3 pounds in a month and that is not what Gener8 promised.

How Does Gener8 Work? 

Upon deciding to join Gener8, you will have to download and install the application.  This application is the one responsible for blocking the ads outside of Gener9. 

Ads will be replaced by rewarding ads that you can later exchange.

In this Gener8 Review, we present some of the ways you can earn from the site

The Browser Extension

This is the most important application that must be downloaded and installed before you start earning.  So be sure that you have the Gener8 Ads logo in your browser to enjoy all the perks and rewards.

Earn Tokens

As you browse and surf the internet, you will notice that the advertisements are most likely coming from Gener8. 

How will you know if the ads are from the company?  You will notice a word that says “Ads by Gener8”. 

And with that, we know that we are in the program and started earning through the ad. 

Simply activate Gener9 and you will see the tokens earned from the ads.  Later in this review, the earned tokens will be used in other things.

The Gener8 Tokens have equivalent cash money.  It is being collected in the wallet so you can cash out soon. 

These tokens can also be transferred to your bank if you wish to.  

These Gener8 tokens are being given to the users every time you see an advertisement.  It is the representation of your money.

You can also use these tokens for good deeds.  If you want to help your favorite charity, you can just donate these tokens in the form of cash.  

Gener8 will transfer it to the bank of your favorite charity.  This option is limited.  The feature on charity donations is not available in the Beta Version.

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How to Earn from Gener8?

Refer a Friend Program - Just like any reward site, you can boost your income if you invite your friends to join the network. 

However, you cannot just invite friends, ask them to become active.  You only earn from them if they participate in the activities.

The advertisements you see during internet surfing is based on your profile.  When asked to complete the profile, it is best to answer with honesty. 

Answer it with as detailed as possible to increase your chances of getting higher paying ads.

That is why it is important to complete your profile and preferences to earn tokens faster.  According to Gener8 Ads,

You can earn at a faster rate if you have a complete profile that those who tend to answer about half of the profile.

In this Gener8 Review, it is also worth mentioning about their marketplace where the users can actually have some exchanges of tokens. 

Gener8 Marketplace has items and vouchers that you can purchase using tokens. Unfortunately, the items in the marketplace are often sold out.  

Another issue that most users are facing is that they do not have any options to redeem it via PayPal. 

Most of the gift cards available are those from Dine Club that give you 25% discounts on some restaurants.  

This will only cost about 25 Gener8 tokens which you can actually earn in almost 2-3 weeks. Today, at an average, 5 Gener8 Tokens is almost 1 pound.  A pound can be earned in just a couple of days.   

Gener8 Marketplace


What People Say About Gener8

Gener8 Ads are in the United Kingdom.  Their popularity is increasing and the members are growing in numbers. 

Most companies seek the help of Gener8 to advertise their products and services within the members of the network.

There are many people saying that this is a great opportunity and still some members who are not that satisfied. ​

Whether or not there are negative of positive Gener8 Reviews, the most important are real people who claimed their earnings.

There are lots of negative reviews about companies but all of them are complaining about none payment. 

If you will have to check the case of Gener8, most complaints are about poor customer service.  Or perhaps, lower payment ads view.

These may be a common issue.  Companies may tend to give incentives to its users depending on their performance. 

To summarize, if the company has a good profit then it will also provide better incentives among users.

Another thing is the limited items listed on the Marketplace. 

As mentioned, the company has poor customer service, so I guess they also have some issues on their marketing side.  

That is why they do not have much listed in the Gener8 Marketplace.

Members are also complaining about some glitches on the ads.  Well, we are dealing with technology and errors such as these are normal.

It can easily be fixed.  

Programs are prone to error.  

Whether it is a legitimate website, error on pages can be fixed by maintenance personnel.

Is Gener8 Scam or Legit?

Do you have that extra time on weekends and such? 

Surfing the internet becomes better with the use of Gener8.  This is a worthwhile experience in surfing the internet while earning from it.  

Gener8 has a diverse product that ranges from gift items to technology and vouchers.

I know for a fact that the Gener8 Marketplace can be limited. ​

In fact, some of their products are no longer available but you still have the options to exchange tokens to discounts.  You can avail of discount cards and that can be a payment from your hard work.

I may agree that not everything you earn from the internet is in the form of money.  Some are in the form of perks and rewards and I believe this is acceptable. 

In this Gener8 Programs, there are many tech-savvy that can share their experiences and you learn from them as well.

The founder of the company never hid his persona. 

Even the exact address of the company can easily be located.  If Gener8 is a scam then this information will be hidden.  

Therefore, I can definitely say that Gener8 is a legitimate company. 

You can actually give your trust in the company but you must also understand the payment they offer is not as much as your expectations. 

If you want to earn good from passive income, then this is not a typical make money online type you want.

They may promise you to earn a decent income but it all depends on how you participate in their activities.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

There are also some reports that when the application was installed in the browsers, a problem occurs. 

It slows down the browser and reduces its performance.  If you are to take this consideration for the rewards given by Gener8, Is it worth it?

This Gener8 Review knew how important it is to know if the company is legitimate or not.  

But the legitimacy of a company is never a guarantee that you will really earn a decent income from them.

It is really interesting to know that technology has something to offer.  

I may say that gener8 is really a life-changing application.  It can make your internet surfing productive as you earn much from it.

But, the time spends on surfing may vary from person to person.

Preferences of each user must also put into consideration. 

The appearance of the advertisements and the rewards given by the company to its users depends on the profile.  

The completion of the profile gives the company a clue who to give and what to give.

Although the company may have lots of controversies, there are still individual users who received the money. 

Most company the faces complaints are all about money but Gener8 face no money issue.  Just poor customer service and such.

At the end of the day, I would highly recommend not to join this program.  Although there are positive things about the company, the negative outweighs it otherwise.

If I work, I do not want to work with good browser performance.  If this can hinder me from work, after installing the app, then I would rather say No.  

There are other ways to make money online without affecting my traditional job. ​

So I would rather search and explore money-making online like Affiliate Marketing.

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