FusionCash Review – Is It a Scam or a Legitimate GPT Site?

What is FusionCash? Is FusionCash a scam or a legitimate survey panel? Fusion Cash is a Get Paid To (GPT) site, just like Swagbucks or Opinion Outpost. It pays participants for completing surveys and taking up product trials (typically last about a month). If you are wondering if it is worth your time, read my honest FusionCash review to find out.

FusionCash Review - Is It a Scam or a Legitimate GPT Site

FusionCash Review – Is it Real or Fake GPT Program?

What is FusionCash?

Name: FusionCash
Website: http://www.fusioncash.net
Overall Rank: 52 out of 100
Fee: Free

FusionCash is a program that offers rewards for reading emails and completing offers. The basis of the program is trying out new services for trial periods, usually 30 days.  In return, you’ll be paid between $5 and $20 and all you have to do is cancel at the end of the trial period.

The one thing that I found that sets FusionCash apart from all these other trial offer websites is that you won’t just be completing surveys or doing trial offers. FusionCash pays you to do simple tasks such as watching videos, trying out trail offers, taking surveys and downloading apps to your phone or tablet. They will even give you $5.00 dollars just for signing up.

To date, they have paid out more than 2 million dollars. They are based in California and have members in all 50 states. FusionCash also runs a very popular online forum with almost 1 million posts.

Fusion Cash has been a BBB accredited business since 04/01/2009 and it has been rated an A+ (the highest possible). There were a few complaints as with any other company (you can’t keep everybody happy). But it seems like FC is very quick in dealing with the complaints and solving the issues.

FusionCash Review - Is It a Scam or a Legitimate GPT Site

However, if you live outside the US you will receive a notification upon visiting their homepage informing you that you may not receive your earnings and will likely get banned.

How Does FusionCash Work?

The first thing that they encourage you to do when you first sign up is to complete your profile. You’ll need to enter some basic information along with what I would consider some personal information that I think is really none of their business.

This includes your name, address, city, state and zip code. You’ll also need to verify your birth date, racial background, and your gender as well as your bank account information.

Advertisers and survey providers pay FusionCash to send them potential customers and survey takers. This form of marketing is much more effective than standard advertising because they pay only for fully acquired customers. There is no wasted advertising money as there is in traditional advertising, such as TV or radio spots.

You as the member of FusionCash, you can do the following to earn some extra cash:-

  • Watching Videoes
  • Paid To Click
  • Read Email
  • Completing Tasks
  • Downloading Apps
  • Listening to the Radio
  • Making a Phone Call
  • Referring Friends


How Much Money Can You Make on FusionCash?

I think it’s important to mention that you won’t make a whole lot of money doing this so don’t quit your day job just yet. The actual amount of money you’ll make is quite low and in some cases you may find that it’s not even worth your time.


  • Paid Email— $.02 – Once you sign up for their daily cash emails you’ll get paid 2 cents each day for every mail they send you and meet their requirements.
  • Paid to click— $.15. FusionCash affiliates with many other revenue sharing PTC sites, with Fort Ad Pays being one of them. Basically, you’ll need to click on 4 pages of ads and remain on each page for 2 and a half minutes in order to qualify to receive 15 cents.
  • Paid Surveys— $.50 to $1.00
  • Paid search— $.05
  • Radio Loyalty— $.01 per ten minutes.

Other ways to get money:

  • Paid Videos— $.01- $.02
  • Fusion Cash Surveys—$1- $3(get $.01 if you don’t qualify)
  • Offers
  • Paid to post— $3 for 30 forum posts(only get paid for 30) – Get paid $3 a month for posting in their forum and following their rules and regulations.
  • Social Media $0.25— Follow FusionCash on Twitter and receive a 25 cent bonus.
  • Referral Program— This seems like the most profitable way to earn money with this site and there are a few ways you can earn. Get $1 for each referral that verifies their email, $2 when they sign up and complete a paid to sign up offer, and $5 whenever they cash out their earnings.
  • Get Paid to Shop— Getting paid cashback to shop online has become hugely popular in recent years, Fusion Cash is just another company that offers such a service.  If you have not earned online cashback before, essentially retailers pay fusion cash to refer you as a customer, if you buy something fusion cash make 10% for example.  They then pass a portion of that money back to you in the form of cashback.


How to Get Paid by FusionCash

You can link up a bank account to have the money directly deposited to it. They allow you to cash out after you’ve made just $25.00.

FusionCash lets you a choice to withdraw your funds via PayPal if you live in the United States or Canada. Direct Deposit and Check are also available but only for the United States. FusionCash does not charge any fees regardless of the method you choice.

FusionCash sends you payment on the 20th of the month after your request. Payments are always paid quickly and on time.

Why FusionCash Makes Sense?

(+) It is free to sign up as a member.

(+) You earn $5.00 for every sign up.

(+) has been in the business since 2005, with established payment record.

(+) Legitimate and they do pay their members.

(+) Great customer support.

(+) Clear and intuitive dashboard

(+) Flexible offers. Compensation varies from 25 cents to $30 per offer. There are offers that require credit card and also those without.

There Must be Some Negative Sides of FusionCash

(-) It is restricted to only the US.

(-) Earning is wiped off after a period of inactivity

(-) The test can be very competitive as there are many people in the queue to take a test. So, be very fast in your clicking a new test to avoid losing it to others.

(-) You can make a few pocket money and it will not make you rich.


When it comes to its legitimacy, FusionCash is definitely a legitimate site.

I bet some people claim that FusionCash is a scam just because the earning potential or invitation rate is low. I don’t think this is a good enough reason to brand something a scam. FusionCash clearly does pay out rewards to their members.

The earning potential is good. The pay is pretty good for the amount of time it takes. The whole experience was professional and the work is honest. If you are looking for a platform to earn some extra cash, FusionCash is definitely one of them.

Something that I personally find to be a big drawback with FusionCash is the cashout threshold of $25 in order to cashout.

My Sincere Advice

If you are interested in making passive online income (pocket money) through GPT sites, you should consider joining more than five testing sites.

I always recommend people to join more than one survey panel or GPT site because you will not receive more than three invites per week from one single source. Furthermore, you will have to compete with many others who want to earn some quick and easy money.

It’s important to know it is not the way to get rich online. I believe some people in the world may find making an extra dollar or two an attractive option. On the other hand, you should realize you may have to spend a good number of hours of your time just to make this money.

Instead, I do affiliate marketing (it’s different) and rely 100% on myself to build an income online. If you are interested in alternative ways to generate a real passive income online, you might want to consider running your own legitimate online business.

One powerful way to do this is through an approach called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products from other companies. Any product you promote is going to be based on your opinion, and you are not required to stick with just one company.

If this is an area you’re interested in, you could learn more about this through my 7-day free email course or you could join the program here. The guide is an excellent way to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and to get started in the field yourself.



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