How to Find Keywords for Blogging and Generate Sales

Making money blogging is possible, but you have to know how to create contents that convert. You may have got a great website and you offer fantastic products or services, but it is not getting any traffic. Have you ever wondered why? Keyword research. Knowing how to do proper keyword research for blogging can make a huge difference in how much traffic you are getting to your site. I am going to share with you exactly how to find keywords for blogging and generate sales.

How to Find Keywords for Blogging and Generate Sales

How to Find Keywords for Blogging

It has always been my biggest goal to get more traffic. Every blogger or affiliate marketer loves traffic.  TRAFFIC is one of the deciding factors in how many sales you make. By doing a complete Keyword search, you will be able to find keywords to drive targeted traffic, more revenue and more niche traffic

More Traffic = More Sales.

To get more traffic, you need to write a lot of blog posts regularly and consistently. However, it is a huge challenge to find new ideas to blog about. How do I know what to write?

Keyword Research.

Finding good keywords is important for SEO. Unfortunately, many bloggers do not have a slight idea about keywords. They simply do not understand what a keyword is or how to use it. Even if they know the importance of keywords, they do not know how to find good ones that convert.

What Is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that people search for on the internet using search engines. Every time you do a Google search you are entering a “keyword” into the search box.

Ultimately, the goal of your keyword research is to find keywords that you can get rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing with, all while attracting a relevant audience. You will be using the keywords that you find with the following methods (discuss later) to build content around. This will lead you to search engine rankings and traffic to your website!

NOTE: Have you ever read content online that for some reason didn’t make a lot of sense? Have you ever written content trying to target a keyword that ended up not making a lot of sense? This is because of something called “keyword stuffing”…or what I like to call, creating horrible content that targets keywords.

First and foremost, ALL content should be written for your visitors, not keywords. Secondly, you can use “keywords” as influences, not as a tool to inject your article with words.

Where Should I Find Keywords for Blogging?

There are basically three methods I use to find keywords for my niche websites.

Method 1: Alphabet Soup Technique

You know how Google autofill can give you suggestions of what to search for? That’s actually based on what OTHER people are searching for.

If you type in words related to your niche into Google’s search engine, it will actually feed you a million potential blog posts.

This method is awesome because not only does it give you great ideas of what to write about, but it also shows you your potential competition AND where to research the topic for your post.

How to Find Keywords for Blogging and Generate Sales

Method 2: Product + Problem

This method is pretty much working backward from a sale that you want to make. Look through a list of products in the affiliate program you are using.

Think about which product is most likely to solve a PROBLEM, and what problem that’s solving. People are searching on the internet for information, and many times that information is related to some kind of need or problem they have.

It doesn’t have to be a serious problem. But it has to be important to someone. For example, when I moved to Singapore three years ago, the neighbors dog would not shut up.

I started going crazy because that thing would yap yap yap all day long.

Yeah, it was a problem.

So what did I do? I went to Google for answers!

The point is, if you can find a product that solves someone problems, it’s an easy sale.

Method 3: Keyword Research Tool

There are a couple of them out there, but the one I use is called Jaaxy. If you are a WA member you might have heard of it or even used it.

This is the main way I find good keywords.

How to Find Keywords for Blogging and Generate Sales

Jaaxy is fantastic because it not only helps me discover related keywords that I would never have thought of, but it also tells me the traffic and competition stats.

There’s only so much time in the day, and I want to spend my precious time on the BIGGEST traffic-getting keywords with the WEAKEST competition.

That way I can rank quickly, easily, and move on to the next post.

What Now?

Never forget, this Keyword research introduction is just a primary steps. The real work starts with your content. Targeted and good keywords without a good content will do not bring you anywhere. High-quality content is equally important for SEO.

Moreover, never try to get traffic on the wrong keyword, as it will affect your overall blog performance regarding Avg. Time on site and bounce rate. For your old blog articles, if you have not optimized them for any Keyword, you can use the above methods to fix them. You will be surprised some old posts start to be ranked in 1 – 2 page in ranking.

How to Find Keywords for Blogging and Generate Sales

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