Is Explosive Payday a Scam? Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

What is Explosive Payday? Is Explosive Payday a scam or a legitimate program? Can you really make money by just posting links, sharing stories, and reviewing sites? Read this unbiased Explosive Payday Review to find out.

Is Explosive Payday a Scam Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

Is Explosive Payday a Scam? Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

What is Explosive Payday?

Name: Explosive Payday
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Fee: $9.95
Status: Scam

Explosive Payday claims it is a program that involves making money from home via Facebook Money. All you need to do is to post links, share stories, review sites, and some other simple tasks.

As I dug into this program and tried to find out more about the legitimacy of the program, I discovered there are too many red flags and bait-and-switches that you’re best off avoiding this “work-at-home” program.

Explosive Payday is a very typical service in that it opens up with a “testimonial” from someone that succeeded in their service. Of course, they do not explain HOW you will make money, but they do tell you that it’s easy, that you can start making money fast, and that you don’t need any skills to do it.

# Red Flag 1 – Fake Photo

On the sale page, you will find a fake testimony from Martin S. Russ (see screenshots below) saying that he is making $14,000 per month.

Is Explosive Payday a Scam Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

Let’s investigate if this is a genuine photo of Martin. The picture of Martin with his two kids was actually taken from the iStockphoto. I have seen the same photo on the following websites.

# Red Flag 1 – Fake Photo

# Red Flag 2 – Testimonial

This is a typical technique often used by fraud artists.  It seems that there is a cognitive attraction with human beings when they see the big dollar signs ($$$) on the spreadsheet (see screenshot below).

Is Explosive Payday a Scam Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

Well, again, this is a fake salary screenshot that was taken from another website describing the change of AdSense interface. Pay attention to the figures in these two screenshots. They are exactly the same!

# Red Flag 3 – It is not free

You will be surprised that on the official page, Explosive Payday claims that it is totally free to sign up the program and make money with them. However, when you click the sign-up link, there is a charge of $9.95 for a 5 day membership.

Is Explosive Payday a Scam Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

# Red flag 4 – Vague information

Money is made when people buy stuff, so we need to figure out who is buying what, where the money is going, and where we fit into the picture. If there is no buying and selling, the system probably illegal like cash gifting or a pyramid scheme.

Explosive Payday does not tell you what we are going to to do make money. They claim you can make money through posting articles, sharing information and so on. But there isn’t any detail to how you can generate money from there.

In fact, Explosive Payday has done a very good job in hiding this info from you until you swipe your credit card. What could they be hiding?

What Exactly is Explosive Payday?

Explosive Payday is just a sale funnel, which is another hyped up “get-rich-quick” product that offers VW hosting. where it is a hosting program that comes with the “how to” e-book on setting up a website, SEO and other hyped-up packages that also come with your $30 monthly subscription.

If you’re completely new to the game, however, you may not think twice about it and sign up as a way to make some easy cash online. After much online research, not a single positive review of this company comes up but only a bunch of reviews complaining they are just a cyber scam.

Not only that, you will also find a lot of fake review on Explosive Payday on the internet as they are copied from the same master template by the affiliates.


Do not invest any of your money to this website!


Explosive Payday is a Scam!

Explosive Payday is a dishonest “work from home” program that exists solely to steal your hard earned money.

That’s a lot of risk for buying a program that is full of red flags. Personally, I would rather spend my time creating an online business that can earn passive income in the long run. There’s a reason that Wealthy Affiliate is currently ranked as my #1 recommendation for anyone looking to make money online. It’s NOT confusing, it’s FREE to join, and you can personally connect with me as you build a real business online

Alternatively, if you are looking for a pocket-money-earning opportunity, I would recommend paid survey sites like Vivatic, Pinecone Research, and iPoll.

You could read my previous post on How to Make Money Online without Being Scammed. This post helps you how to identify online scams and stay away from them.

My Sincere Advice

If you are interested in making passive online income, you should never ever consider joining a site that you are not familiar with at all.

It’s important to know that these “work from home” sites aren’t the way to get rich online. Realistically, you can expect to earn only a few cents per day at best purely from clicking on ads for every site you are a part of. Even if you were a member of 20 Paid To Click (PTC) sites and clicked all the ads available, it probably wouldn’t even add up to a whole dollar!

Keep in mind you need to spend quite a bit of time clicking through hundreds of ads to even earn anywhere near a dollar and not only wait for them to load up on your computer. Furthermore, you need to wait for a minimum of 5 seconds per ad to be credited.

Is Explosive Payday a Scam? Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

One powerful way to do this is through an approach called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products from other companies. Any product you promote is going to be based on your opinion, and you are not required to stick with just one company.

If this is an area you’re interested in, you could learn more about this through my 7-day free email course. The guide is an excellent way to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and to get started in the field yourself.

If you are interested to know more how I make money through affiliate marketing, go here.



Is Explosive Payday a Scam? Unbiased Explosive Payday Review

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    Thanks for all the great info. I constantly get voice mails from someone telling me to go to and this is the site you go to. I figured it was a scam and I never “take advantage” unless I can check it out!

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Brenda. Thanks for your feedback, I didn’t know they leave voice mails and direct people to Explosive Payday site. I am glad you figured out it was a scam. Good job! Thanks for sharing this info with us!

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