Earn Money Online as Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is currently gaining popularity due to the unlimited earning potential. It is not difficult to earn money online as affiliate marketers if you know how it really works. If you already have your own blog, all you need to do is to promote other people’s products through your website. If you don’t, read on and learn how you can start building your first website and earn revenue from there.

Earn Money Online as Affiliate Marketers

A lot of people quit their jobs and make money online as full-time bloggers, to be precise, they became affiliate marketers. You have heard about affiliate programs, but you have no idea how one can earn money from these affiliate programs. Let me explain to you how it works.

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

It all started with Amazon back in 1990’s where they rolled out a system where people (bloggers) get paid by referring clients to Amazon. This system is called Affiliate marketing. If you are a blogger, you promote and review certain products on your blogs. Then you direct your readers to Amazon to make their purchases. From these transactions, you will then be rewarded some commissions from Amazon.

Do you see some Amazon advertisement banners on my site? Whenever someone make any purchases on Amazon from my site, I will be rewarded (paid). Assuming that there are in average 10 items being sold per month via my website and assuming Amazon is going to pay me a commission of $3 per sale,  I  will be earning $30 per month from Amazon.

That does not sound a lot, am I right? Let me show you some real numbers here.

Look at the screenshot below. At the time of writing, there are more than 3 billion Internet users in the world. Only today, there are already more than 90 million searches on Google. Imagine only 0.01% (9,467) of these people land on one of my blog articles and only 0.1% (9) of these people make a purchase through my site, I will be earning $27 (9 x $3) in one day. That simply means I will be earning $810 per month. This is the income that comes from only one article. If I constantly post articles with good content every day. I will have 30 posts per month, and the numbers will only be accumulated. Now you do the math. The earning potential is unlimited, do you agree?

Earn Money Online as

Let me clarify with you that above commission pay rate by Amazon is just an assumption for simplification. For real commission payout, please refer to my previous post – How To Make Money While Traveling.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation. You get your commissions, they get their clients.

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Program?

You will find a lot of affiliate programs out there in the market. No matter what your blog (niche) page is about, you will easily find products to advertise on your blog.

Before signing up any affiliate programs, it is essential for you to be thorough and review the affiliate programs. There are way too many scams in the market and you have to choose wisely. Beware with those that you are required to give your credit card number or your full address upon sign up.

Once you know what exactly you want to blog about, make sure that the products that you are going to promote fit in with your niche. Having advertisements of gardening equipment on your photography blog may look a little “spammy”.

Earn Money Online As

There are a few affiliate programs that are worth looking into.

Amazon, who does not know this product? Everybody does! They offer the most reliable affiliate program in the market. However, I have recently learned that not all the states in the USA can sign up their program. Nevermind, you can go to the next one.

Google AdSense, it is also a popular option due to its big brand. It is fairly straightforward to apply for Google AdSense program. All you need to do is to insert a snippet of code into your blog. The program is smart enough that it will insert relevant advertisements to your blog.

ShareASale, it is one of the second popular affiliate programs in the market. If you are not eligible to sign up Amazon, try this one. ShareASale allows companies to sign up as merchandisers and bloggers to sign up as advertisers. They pay commissions on time and they have a wide range of products on their platform.

Wealthy Affiliate, it is one of the best affiliate programs and it is also my favorite. WA offers online training courses from “how to build a website from scratch” to “how to earn your revenue from your blog“. It teaches people how to monetize their blogs by giving high-quality online training, materials and tools to generate passive income online. I learned all these from WA and it is an amazing place to learn and to earn. It has a pretty solid affiliate program and commissions are almost 50% of each sale you make.

Earn Money Online as Affiliate Marketers

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

As affiliate marketers, traffic is the key to success. The more traffic you get to the blog, the more you can make money online. Use links, banners, and product reviews to promote your products. It is very important to promote something you are familiar with.

It is, therefore, essential to know what is your passion before you start building your first website. Find the niche that you want to blog about and focus on that niche. Promote only the products that are relevant to your niche. Most importantly, be honest with the product review.

Optimize Your Blog

It is easy to set up a blog, but it requires some knowledge to gain traffic and turn them into sales. You can find out more by reading my previous post – How to Get Traffic to My Website.

Most importantly, you will need to know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. SEO is a methodology to rank your blog pages on search engines when people hit the keywords during the search. You will gain significant traffic if your page is ranked on the front page on the search engine page. My article is ranked no.1 on the first page of Google search result

Earn Money Online as Affiliate Marketers

However, you will still need to keep yourselves updated to the Google search algorithm. You should always do your homework from time to time by reading or you can find all this information in Wealthy Affiliate. They have pretty updated SEO tricks and tips that keep their members the best bloggers in the blogging world.


Due to the uncertainty of the global economy and massive corporate layoffs (e.g. decrease in oil prices in 2015), people start to look for extra income sources. With the growth of the Internet users and the advancement of technology nowadays, earning money online as an affiliate marketer is possible and it is gaining its popularity due to the accessibility to customers and the flexibility to work from home.

If you have a laptop and able to access the Internet, why don’t you earn money as an affiliate marketer (blogger)? It has huge earning potential and you can become financially independent from blogging too.

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and lastly, don’t forget to sign up as a member of Wealthy Affiliate for FREE while it lasts.



Earn Money Online as

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