Cryptotab Browser Review | Is Cryptotab Browser Legit?

Cryptotab browser review

Welcome to our Cryptotab Browser Review!

Well, most of you have heard of BTC or Bitcoin which was introduced in 2009. These BTC can be used to exchange products and services.

Here is the CryptoTab Browser Review and the website promises to harness Bitcoin. Here is another company that promises to give users a decent income.

The popularity of this service has increased since. It has been circulating for a time being and can you imagine how much can one harness?

Remember that these BTC have their dollar equivalent. So we can simply say that we are harnessing dollars. How much can one earn using that Cryptotab Browser?

No one can give a concrete answer since the BTC being harnessed depends on various things. It is dependent on the device that you use.

What is this harnessing bitcoin technology really is? So if you want to know more about this, you better read this Cryptotab Browser Review.

According to the creators, the browsers can work in both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. But, for those who are using mobile, they can have the android app to mine BTC. 

To have this Cryptotab Browser also means to mine dollars but does it really give you that much? Is it really worth a try or it is something that one must stay away from.

Imagine an application that automatically gives away money. It is really a too good to be a true scheme, is CryptoTab Browser a legit company or just scam?

You better read this Cryptotab Browser Review. Learn about the products, the company and the opportunities they offer.

The compensation plan will be discussed in this article as well as how to earn with the controversial  Browser.

Cryptotab Browser Review Summary

Product Name: Cryptotab Browser

Founder: unknown

Product type: BitCoin Mining

Price: Free

Best For: No one

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  Not for everyone.

Cryptotab browser logo

Summary: Cryptotab Browser is a browser with a program that has the ability to mine coins.  The Domain was registered in 2018 and information about the company are not available.

What is Cryptotab Browser?

Cryptotab Browser is a browser that has an embedded program that can mine bitcoin. Because most users wanted to have a better bitcoin, there is a continuous upgrade. It has endless customization for better performance.

These upgrades can be in the form of extensions.

Since many users are complaining that it affects the performance of their computers, customized programs for better browsing experience are developed.

Before we give our full trust to a certain provider, it is a must to know who owns it. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, Cryptotab browser history cannot be found. There is also no information about the owner of the web pages.

Who maintains and operates the web site is not known except that the domain was registered in 2018.

The domain was registered in private therefore, any information was withheld.

While users of this website have reached thousands, no one knows who they dealing with. Is Cryptotab Browser safe to use even the company background is unknown?

cryptotab browser website


How to Earn from Cryptotab Browser?

You can earn with Cryptotab Browser by downloading it on the homepage. There are two ways to use Cryptotab.

It can be used as a standard browser that contains the built-in program for bitcoin mining. According to the website, the browser works faster than Google Chrome.

Let us not focus on these claims. The Cryptotab browser has a similar Google Chrome interface. However, when it comes to speed, Of course! I would rather go for Google.

But when we talk about functionalities on bitcoin mining, that changes the story.

Cryptotab can be installed in a few minutes. It can easily be setup.

As the Cryptotab browser claims, it is lightweight and fast. If you have some data or files within Google Chrome, it will be carried over to the Cryptotab Browser.

If you have some device, you can have it synch to Cryptotab. Aside from using it as a stand-alone browser, it can also be used as an extension.

If you do not want to change your existing browser then download the extension and retain your browser.

The Cryptotab Extension can be installed in popular browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

In this Cryptotab Review, we will then talk about how to earn using the browser. How to boost your earning on the website will also be discussed.

The Cryptotab Browser Compensation Plan

I know that you are excited to know how to earn using the browser. If you are still wondering how Cryptotab can help you earn more, then you better read this.

To be able to earn there should be a Cryptotab on your computer. Technically, the program does all the mining every time the browser is open. However, when the window is active, there is a tendency to gather more BTC.

Here is some tip to boost your income. Cryptotab also offers a Referral Network. It will let you earn residual income from your invites.

The first level is your direct referral and therefore the commission is 15%.

When asked about the products that they offer, there is a big question. Although they do have a browser or extension, they do not sell it.

We cannot consider it as a product.

Therefore, Cryptotab becomes a questionable company because they do not have any products or services to offer.


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Withdrawing Money from Cryptotab Browser

About half of the members' population is satisfied with the browser. Some people were able to withdraw their Bitcoin.

But, we do not know if these are just ways of encouraging people to sign-up under their network.

As soon as you reach the minimum amount of 0.00001 BTC you can withdraw your mined bitcoin.

Use any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice and link it to Cryptotab.

As compared to other make money online programs, they have a very low threshold.

That means you can easily withdraw your money from their website.

Is Cryptotab Browser Safe?

Have you ever asked yourself where the Bitcoin is coming from? That is also a big question. They do not have any product to sell but they can give you money just by opening the browser.

When the browser is active, you are mining more bitcoin.

For all you know, this Cryptotab Browser may infect our computer with viruses. The information that we have on our personal computer may be compromised.

We have to be careful about the thing we install on our computers.

This can be getting all our information and recording our internet surfing behavior.

Cryptotab Browser is a great mining application. If you are a registered user of the application, the bitcoin will be kept.

Although Bitcoin mining is a practice that has not yet been legalized, the company has been practicing it.

What is so alarming is that we do not have an idea to whom we are giving out our information.

Is Cryptotab Browser Legit?

Before this Cryptotab Browser Review made its final evaluation, let us discuss the positive side of the this Browser.

First, some real people received their mined Bitcoin. I know some people who have proof of payments from their cryptocurrency wallets

.Second, users of the this browser do not have to wait for a long period to earn the minimum threshold which is 0.00001 BTC.

Finally, you can benefit not only from direct referrals but up to the 10th level.

However, even though there are lots of benefits, there are also too many red flags that must be of concern.

First, the Cryptotab Browser uses your internet to mine Bitcoin. In the previous section, we discussed that this activity is still questionable.

That is the reason why the information of the owner is withheld.

In fact, no one knows who is operating the company. If you need some assistance you cannot simply go to their headquarters and complain.

They only have a support email where you can send your problems.

Since you have no idea where the office is located, you have no choice but to wait for their response.

They do not have phone numbers that you can contact. In fact, nothing is listed in their website about the company.

Second, they are not offering any product or services. Therefore, they are on pyramid schemes that are not in compliance with the law.

Lastly, Google puts a ban on all applications that is related to Crypto Mining. Of course, this company is included.

So with all these facts, I can say that despite some users earn from them, your personal information can be at risk.

Cryptotab is not in compliance with the law because they have nothing to sell; therefore, they are not trustworthy.

For me, they are not legitimate and I will never give out personal information to them.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

In this Cryptotab Browser Review, we have discussed the positive and negative side of the company.  There are users who actually received their payments from their cryptocurrency wallets.  But, are they enough to be your basis that the company operates legally?

Crypto mining has been a controversial issue.  Yet, there are companies who are still practicing it despite Google’s move to ban its services.

Imagine a business without anything to sell and pay their users just like that.  Where are they getting the funds anyway? 

When you sign-up with this company, you give away your information.  Have you ever wondered who takes care of your information?

You do not have any clue, right? 

The owner nor the operators of the company never revealed themselves.  Even their location is hidden from their members. 

I know that we all need to be careful about giving out information and that is why I do not recommend joining Cryptotab Browser. 

We do not have any idea where are we entrusting our personal information.

Would you exchange this information with the number of bitcoin?  I know you will never do that.  So, avoid signing-up with Cryptotab Browser and protect your privacy.

But how can I make money online?  

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Yes, it is possible to do that through Affiliate Marketing.  

At least you are sure that you are dealing with real companies and real people.

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