Crypto Is Now A Household Name – How Can You Get Ahead?

Cryptocurrency has risen from its boom and just keeps on growing. Mashable reports that the cryptocurrency market cap has reached $168bn; what’s more, it’s starting to become an everyday idea – a household name, even. On New Year’s Eve, Newsweek reported that industry insiders are tipping the likes of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley to funnel cash into crypto R&D through 2019. With the huge size of the digital coin market and its growing prominence, it’s more difficult for canny traders to find their niche spot. Cryptocurrency is easier than ever to learn and there are thousands more participating, creating a steadier market from which to make your profits.

Crypto Is Now A Household Name – How Can You Get Ahead?

Sticking to tried and tested methods

Most important to building wealth from crypto is your own independent operation. Newcomers to the market will play it like forex, trading and shorting in order to make their big impact. For an added edge, consider approaching cryptocurrency like a job at home. Take a smart approach to saving money and funnel that into crypto creation. This can either involve using your home PC to generate new digital coins or through completing micro-tasks, such as those found on Bounty0x and Bitcointalk. There is a lot to be gained from micro-tasks; Coinbase notably bought out micro-task market for $100m last year.

Looking to international players

On a wider scale, there is evidence that crypto will be picked up by international governments on an increasing basis, giving investors the option of government-linked bonds. Forbes released an analysis on January 2nd that suggests Russia will engage with cryptocurrency again, through Telegram founder Pavel Durov and state-led ICOs. India is also, reportedly, giving strictly regulated cryptocurrency trading the green light. How might this impact on you? Put simply, it’s an opportunity, especially if you get in there early; government-regulated cryptocurrency trading is likely to be new to many.

Keeping your eye on technology

MIT released a recent editorial in which they noted the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency. Of particular note was their finding that blockchain would become boring. This is good news for an investor, as it means blockchain becomes part of everyday life, creating more transactions and more exposure to the potential of cryptocurrency. Keep a careful eye on how the technology develops and what applications it has; medical records are already being stored in blockchain format, and it’s not a quantum leap to see how payments could spring from there, creating a richer market.

Make an effort from the home, be open to government-led cryptocurrency initiatives and stay abreast of the latest technology. Anyone looking to make money from cryptocurrency through 2019 will do well through these tenets. The market has quietened, but is still expanding to exciting new frontiers.

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