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Welcome to our Contena Review! 

Despite our traditional workload, we also wanted to earn some extra.  I can understand that situation because I have also experienced it. 

It is really tempting for those who are desperately searching for opportunities to take whatever is being offered to them.  Before you decide, read this Contena Review.

This Contena Review is a fair assessment of the company.  There are many Contena Review but it is being sponsored by the company.  They write reviews for reputation management. 

Contena offers online jobs for writers.  In fact, they also offer training in becoming one.  Most writers often as if the training is a good investment to enroll.  Is it really worth to invest in these online jobs?

I am a fan of making money online and have been working for quite so long.  There are various ways of turning the internet into a cash-making machine but you must also take some extra care.  Not everyone on the internet is true.

There are scrupulous people who are there waiting for their next victim.  So if you are undecided to join in a making money online network.  Start doing some research.  You can actually find honest Contena Reviews such as this.

This article offers guidance to prospective users of the Contena Website.

It also provides insights about the company to the consumers.  And then again, how will you know if a certain review is honest and fair?

Keep reading and know the credibility of the one talking. 

You can really earn online.  If you are a writer, you will definitely have that potential of earning.  

You just need to select the writing platform.

Let this Contena Review help you in discovering things about the company.

Contena Review Summary

Product Name: Contena

Founder: Kevin Fleming

Product type: Work-At-Home Opportunities

Price: $500 -1000 per year

Best For: Free lance Writers

Rating: 3/5

Recommended:  No


What is Contena? 

According to the company, this is the best platform for writers.  At least, that is their claim. Contena actually focuses on assisting independent writers.  

We can easily say that they find jobs for writers.

Kevin Fleming, the founder, and CEO of the company is said to conceptualize this. 

The company will help you establish your own writing business.  

You can get real clients from Contena.

According to Kevin, what makes their company different is they teach their writers to work efficiently.  In fact, this freelancing site can help budding writers.

In other words, Contena is a training academy that offers courses among freelancers. 

While most writers tend to look for an online job, Contena believes that they must have some training to efficiently work.

The company started in 2017 and has 6 different modules to help their writers

  1. How to start their writing career
  2. Establishing the business foundation
  3. Creating samples of your writing
  4. Building a good portfolio
  5. Writing perfect pitch to get the job
  6. Establishing business funnel

The company offers personalized training in case you need one.  Well, the training may be worthwhile.  You will learn a lot of things but is it really worth the price?

Contena is a paid membership. 

Therefore, you have to prepare around $500 to get access to their coaching. To be able to get a job, you need to pay about a thousand dollars.

There have been some writers who have found assistance with Contena. And they appreciate the guidance of the coaches. 

However, the membership services, as well as the training, costs a lot.

How Does Contena Work? 

The company does not only provide them with a list of jobs available but information on what they need as well.  That is the reason why most freelance writers acquire the services of Contena.

For those who are just starting their career in writing, this can be a good fit.   The training can really help a lot in establishing a career in freelance writing. 

But not everyone is entitled to join the network.

According to its founder, there is a waiting list.  Not because you sign up on the site, you will automatically enjoy the membership. 

You still have to wait for an email from Fleming.

Once admitted you will have access to Contena Scout.  It is a tool that searches for writing jobs that matches your ability. 

You can actually search for job listings on various categories.

Once you found a job that you want, you can now send your profile.  The next step will depend on your employer. 

If they really like what they are seeing, then you will get the job.  It may be as simple as that but getting your article to approve is difficult.

You can also have the chance to choose the category that you like.  The Rates will also depend on whom you are writing for. 

It will also depend on the number of words.  Sometimes there can be the same number of words but of different rates. 

It is the employer who sets the amount per article.  The company posts these jobs to provide options to their pool of writers. 

Since the writers are growing, the jobs become limited.

Are you struggling to find a separate "day job"?

It is easy to run a ready-made website and start earning through affiliate marketing. You don't need a single thing to sell online at all.

What Others Say About Contena? 

If you hear people claimed that made a thousand dollar a day using Contena platform, would you join the network? 

It may sound encouraging but often, you will have to evaluate if it is really possible.

One of the problems is that there are lots of writers who have been writing a fake review of Contena. 

Just because you are being paid to do so, it does not mean that you are doing it right.

It is important to assess the situation and find a real and honest review.  Frankly, there are many good things that Contena offers.

First, they really have good training.  The things being taught in the training is useful.  They even individual coaching to make sure that their members will surely cope up with writing jobs.

They also have tools that can be useful for those who are specifically looking for the right job.  You can have it searched by their categories and the amount per article.

With the Contena Platform, you can have the opportunity to work with big companies. 

Because of that, you can expect that you get a higher income than other freelancing sites.

You may find a lot of Positive Contena Reviews but you must evaluate where it is coming from.  It is important to be vigilant when it comes to a freelancing career.

The internet may offer big opportunities but not all these are reliable. 

In as much as possible avoid paying for something that you do not get anything in return.

In the case of Contena, you will have to pay for the training.  

It is the training that requires payment.  Finally, spending as much as $99 in a month can be hard on the pocket.

Contena Training
Contena jobs


Members Speak of Contena Freelance Review

Becoming a member of Contena is not a guarantee that you will really succeed in the writing skills. 

Will becoming a Contena Member make all users earn money?

The answer is NO. 

There may be some writers who can really earn from the platform but not as much as a thousand dollars in a day.

I just cannot understand why the company has to be so expensive.  With regard to training, there are more online sources that offer similar content.

The company also never offers a free trial just to check if you will fit in the program.  You will automatically become a member if you pay for the fees. 

Since there is no guarantee of really getting a lucrative income, you will end up losing money.

After becoming a member for months and you wish to refund, there will be lots of processes.  Although they give refunds, it will be very difficult to get one. 

One of the most Negative Contena Reviews is coming from refunds. 

Aside from that, there are various reviews that are not good.  And these reviews are coming from credible sources. 

Although there are also positive reviews about Contena, the negative outweighs the positive.

Is Contena really the best platform for a freelance writer? 

This has been the question most users of Contena usually ask.  

If Fleming dreamt of having the right platform for the freelance writers, how come they do not feel it?

I can say that despite all the efforts of Contena to be the best platform, they just cannot deny it. ​

There are plenty of problems not only in the job posting but also from earning on their site.

Is Contena Freelance Platform a Scam

There have been speculations that Kevin Fleming, the founder is not a real person. 

In most cases, company websites that offer rewards hid their information, however, despite speculations, Fleming is a real person.

In fact, you can send him an email and ask for support.  Other members also claimed that they were able to communicate with Fleming in person. 

We can say that the business is legitimate.

Despite negative comments about Contena, Fleming faces and resolves the issues.  He is a motivated individual that is so passionate about the platform. 

However, he actually threatens people who do negative Contena Reviews which puts him in a bad light.

Although Contena is a work from home platform, looking for a job is not easy.  One more thing is that they failed to assess the jobs being offered on the platform. 

Some are not even legitimate companies.

Contena recently introduced a new community where members can actually share views about writing. 

They can also interact in this group and seek help from other members. Using the platform can really make you a better writer.

Final Verdict

It is really a great idea to work from home.  When you are away from the busy city life, it is somehow stressful. 

If you work in the comfort of your home, you can really be productive and efficient.  But how are you going to get the right job?

Using platforms that posts jobs are okay, but you should also know when to recognize danger.  Do not believe sites that promise something unimaginable. 

Believe me, that will never happen.

Be realistic in your goals.  Do not just believe something posted.  In fact, reading Contena Reviews such as this can help a lot. 

Remember to keep your goals in mind before investing in a membership.

If you are a budding writer who wants to make money online, check for other alternatives.  I am sure you can find something interesting like affiliate marketing.  

There were tons of successful individuals who are willing to share their expertise without a fee.

Is it not interesting? 

You can also join their network and ask for coaching to learn the trade.  

And yes, it is free.  You do not have to pay for anything.  

There are free trials that you can check just to make sure that it is suitable for your lifestyle.

Finally, if you really love to write, there are free platforms that you can use.  There is a website that offers freelancing jobs without joining fees. 

But, if you do not wish to write, and you are writing just because you need to, check other means.

Do affiliate marketing and enjoy passive income.  

You do not have to worry about money because it is risk-free and has no minimum investments.

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