Common Habit of the Rich

I have a few friends who are relatively rich. One day we exchanged some financial management ideas and we talked about the common habit of the rich. We concluded that the rich reads a lot.

I remember there was a property investment seminar one year back. The speaker raised a question to the audience “who in this room reads?”. Almost all of them raised their hands. To be honest, most the them are successful (rich) at what they were doing, they were mostly investors and business people.

Common Habit of the Rich

Just think about it, have you seen any rich person swiping his / her phone all the time, playing games and checking out the social media? Try to look around you, the rich never eat alone.

#1 READ!!!

Common Habit of the Rich

Rich people read more than any other people. The rich read regularly when they have free time, even when they dine.

So, let’s spend less time on Facebook checking out what other people are doing and read!!

#2 Seminar and Training!!

Common Habit of the Rich

Have you realized that the rich likes to attend seminars? The key is they like to learn. Learning is the key to success. Some rich people pay thousands just to attend courses by well-known speakers and trainers. To be honest, if you want to meet rich people and learn how to earn money, just attend some courses or seminars. I am sure that you will see some of them. The rich listen from the richer and the richer learn from the super rich.

When you Talk you are only Repeating what you know; but when you Listen, you may Learn something new.“, Dalai Lama.

The quote above explains it all. If you think you know everything, you talk and talk. Just remember that when you listen, that is when you are learning. Participate and attend seminars, listen and learn. Most importantly, implement what you learn.

Set Goals, Not Wishes

These two words clearly have different definitions. I don’t mean the definitions from the dictionary. Let me simplify that in layman terms – we cannot control the outcome of a wish, but we can control the outcome of a goal.


To achieve your goal, then it is to plan and take actions. Successful people do not procrastinate. The word “Procrastination” is a disease and it impairs quality. Don’t wait and wish but take action to achieve your goals.

The followings are some ideas how not to procrastinate.

  • To do list. I always do this every morning. To do list is a short term/ daily goals. It helps to complete most of the items I want to do every day. By practising this every day, you develop the habit of taking actions.
  • Set artificial deadlines – I mean fake deadlines. There is nothing wrong with finishing earlier.
  • DO IT” – these are the two words that one should use in self-nagging technique. Whenever you receive a task or you have set a goal. Simply repeat these words “DO IT!! DO IT!” over and over again until you start executing the task.

It is rather a short post. But I just want to vocalize my thought. Remember these common habits and get hold of them.

Happy reading and learning!!!



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6 Responses

  1. David says:

    I had not long retweeted a comment made by someone on my twitter feed –

    @ljam185: Being “better off” is surely about needing less money not acquiring more of it.

    There is a big difference.

    I go there to stretch my mental legs (metaphorically speaking of course) and to take time out but I wake up, live, breath and think about what I have in mind every day until It manifests.
    I rarely speak about or go into detail about what it is I’m trying to do.
    I am not rich by any means but richness is relative along with success. I have never wanted for much but to be ‘comfortable and content’ not too much so that I become stale but just happy, as much as can be afforded in this mad information age.
    Speaking of which there has never been a better time. I am reading about peoples experiences (like WA for instance) networking and learning at least a 3-5 hours a day across a broad spectrum of subjects as well as implementing what I have learned throughout each and every day.

    It’s an ongoing process and keeping my mindset on track and focused is part of that along with the health and exercise aspect.

    Enjoyed your post!! Here’s to the Journey!

    • Alex Y says:

      That is a great tweet!
      I think people should review their definition of “rich” as in my case, I would call it “Wealth”. Wealth is to have enough reserve in case of emergency, be able to help others to achieve their dreams and of course, be able to do whatever I like without worrying about money. Being wealthy also means HAVING TIME to be with the people you love.

      Thanks for sharing the tweet 🙂

  2. Michael Wheeler Jr. (WA) says:

    Nice site Alex. I too am trying to make money online. I’m curious if you’re doing well selling the amazon books?

    Thanks, Mike

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks MIKE!

      I am still trying to get some healthy traffic flow at my site, I wouldn’t say I am doing well selling the amazon books. Will try to optimize the site and it takes time 🙂


  3. Morgan says:

    Hi Alexy , I really enjoyed reading your site you have done a GREAT job putting everything together ! I love the layout just all together a great resourceful webite lots of INFO ! Thank you

    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Morgon,

      Thanks for dropping by to read my post and leave me some comments. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my posts. I will constantly post some reviews and some financial tips. I hope those posts give you some useful tips and stay tuned!


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