Commission Junction Affiliate Review

Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing program just like Rakuten Affiliate Network. If you are considering if you should sign up as an affiliate, read my Commission Junction Affiliate Review.

Name: Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate)
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

Commission Junction Affiliate Review

Commission Junction has been around for sometimes. It is one of the best affiliate advertising platform allow both bloggers and advertisers to sell.

Similarly to any other affiliate marketing program, bloggers are the affiliate and embed advertisement on their blogs and earn a certain amount of commission when visitors pay a visit to your site, and subsequently filling out forms, and making a purchase of subscribing to any services.

Why Being a Commission Junction Affiliate Makes Sense!

(+) Commission Junction is a legit platform and it has gained confidence of users for ages. It has been rated one of the best affiliate marketing networks in the cyber world. What best about Commission Junction is, it has successfully attracted some big names (advertisers) over the years. Examples are Air France, EBay, Microsoft, Thomas Cook, Yahoo and etc, That simply means those brands are familiar to the majority of the people and this leads to higher chances for people clicking the advertisement. Consequently, you will be earning more than any other affiliate marketing network.

Commission Junction Affiliate Review

(+) Another plus point is once you are accepted by Commission Junction, some big brands might seek you out to join their affiliate programs. That also means you will be bypassing the individual program application process that take up most of your valuable time and you can then start earning money by publishing the advertisement directly.

(+) It has a very simple interface that newbies do not need to spend much time to get familiar with the system.

(+) It has very reliable payment system where it pays on time.

Commission Junction Affiliate Review

(+) A variety of advertisement that ranges from different image sizes and links.

(+) It offers more features than many of its competitors. It has the web-based email system that allows affiliate marketers to be in touch with the advertisers, that both of them can communicate with a middleman.

(+) One of the advantages is signing up fee is ZERO for Commission Junction. Hence, everyone has nothing to lose by trying it out!

(+) It offers referral program as well. An affiliate can earn a five percent (5%) commission on all commissions generated by their referrals. Please note that this only applicable to new signed up an account and not on the existing members.

There must be some negative sides of Commission Junction

(-) There is no perfect affiliate marketing program in this world. I have mentioned above that they attract big brands and it is promising if you are one of the affiliate marketers. I say “if” here, and that simply imply it is not easy to get accepted to be one of their affiliate marketers. Even if you are accepted by Commission Junction, you still need to apply to each advertiser’s program. There are two layers to go through. Not easy, but it is possible.

(-) Standardization. What I don’t like about their system is they do not standardize all the payment terms and requirements. Each of the affiliate programs has its own terms and conditions. Therefore, you need to spend some time to read all the words before agreeing to them.

Commission Junction Affiliate Review


It is a great and promising affiliate marketing platform for sure. If you don’t mind the hassle reading through the different terms and conditions, and don’t mind trying a few times applying to the individual program, you then should apply for it and fill out the application.

I hope you enjoy reading this review on Commission Junction.




Commission Junction Affiliate Review

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