Click Intensity Review – Is it a Scam?

There has been lots of hype about Click Intensity and people are already promoting it fiercely. Is it just another scam? Read my Click Intensity review and find out what is Click Intensity about.

Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam

Click Intensity Review

What is Click Intensity?

Website Address:
Product Price: $25
Product Owner: Nick Johnson
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

Click Intensity is just another revenue sharing (Revshare) site. Click Intensity is one of these Revshare Sites that distribute profits between other members of the site. This kind of business can be quite profitable just after the launch as there will be a lot of money to be distributed.

For those who are new to the advertising revenue sharing or ad Revshare industry, ad Revshare sites are companies offering advertising services and at the same time an opportunity for their members to earn through revenue sharing. Normally Revshare programs share their earnings with every member. The more shares you have, the more you will earn. That’s how it works.

Ad Revshare sites offer a way for members to advertise and earn a good passive income by purchasing ad shares. Sales from the site are being distributed to all members owning ad packages. Most of these revenue share programs are in a high-risk category and normally they do not last long.

Click Intensity is more than just an ad Revshare program. Click intensity not only offer traffic exchanges, banner ads, text ads, and login ads, They have additional features like blogs, videos, social media exchange, and computer/mobile games.

How to Make Money with Click Intensity?

#1 Earn By Completing Tasks

The amount that you will receive will vary from task to task. The system will assign or make more tasks available to Paid Members than Free Members not only to encourage participation in its revenue sharing aspect but also to reward members who showed a higher commitment to make their online business succeed.

You are able to make some earning and advertising opportunity such as:

  • Sharing social media posts
  • Watching videos
  • Simple online tasks
  • Clicking ads daily
  • And Many More

Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam

#2 Profit Shares

All you need to do is to purchase a Share (called Silver Coin Pack) which cost only $25, in which it is equivalent to 1 Profit share in the Company. This 1 profit share will continue to earn good passive income until it matures at $30 then it expires.

The profit share amount or earnings will vary based on the total sales the system will make. Earnings are distributed every 30 minutes. The maximum number of Silver Coin Packs one can have is 4000 Packs. However, your potential earnings can be unlimited as you will continue to earn with your referral commissions regardless of the amount of Silver Coins you may have.

Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam

 #3 Earn From Referrals Sales

Every purchase and repurchase of Silver Coin Pack made by the person you try to sell to will earn you 10%. If you are a free member, then this rate will be declined to 5%. There is no limit on the personal referrals that you refer and if you are good at this then the more you refer, the more you can get out of the system.

Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam

#4 Team Income

This is the extra income that Click Intensity introduced in the ad Revshare industry. They combined both affiliate and MLM compensation in their rewards system. You now have a chance to start getting paid for the team up to 7 levels deep. You will grow your income exponentially by employing the powerful strategy of MLM compensation plan as outlined below.

You now have a chance to start getting paid for the team up to 7 levels deep. You will grow your income exponentially by employing the powerful strategy of MLM compensation plan as outlined below.

Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam

Hang on, in order to make money at each level, there is quite a HUGE jump in the amount invested. To be able to earn on the ones in level 7 you will have to invest $100,000.

Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam

#5 Back End Sales

With Click Intensity, you will get paid commissions and up to 7 levels deep reward not just from silver coins packs purchases but from all the other advertising services that the site has made available.

You will get paid when someone 7 levels deep to you buys a premium advertising product like login ads, solo ads, pop-up ads, and many other high-value advertising services from Click Intensity.

The minimum cash out value is $25 that can be easily processed using the Quick Pay wallet. This can be a real and transparent business as they are distributed in real time of 30 minutes interval.

 Click Intensity Review - Is it a Scam


Can you trust this product? It is too soon for me to judge. It is still a relatively new product.

However, I do not like the idea that free members are limited to smaller earnings. In order to earn higher commission, you will have to spend and invest some money before you make one. It is not cheap for a newbie who wants to make passive income online.

I am not a big fan of Revshare products because I have seen many failures in the past. I have also read a lot of complaints about people buying Revshare program, set it up, promote their websites, people join and invest a lot of money. The owner takes the money and run.

I’m Not Against Them All

I have been known to step into a few rev share deals. But never with strangers or a new product like Click Intensity.

Should you really trust Click Intensity? Wait and observe. Don’t rush.