Cash Sniper Review – Scam or Legit? What Are They Hiding?

Cash Sniper is a new ClickBank’s affiliate marketing product that sells “automated profit system” that includes some PDF and video guides. The main selling point is people will be able to make money with their already-setup sales page and program that will generate lucrative income online. Is Cash Sniper a scam or a legitimate product? Read on to find out what exactly what they are hiding.

  • Name: Cash Sniper
  • Price: $9 and upsells
  • Owner: Ray Pickard
  • Overall Rating: 0 out of 100

What is Cash Sniper About?

Cash Sniper is an affiliate marketing product of Clickbank that is also a quick-money-scheme. It self-claims that it is a system that could help you to make affiliate profits from numerous reputable sites on the internet such as Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, Shopify, and Youtube. Not only that, it claims that the system allows people to make up to $3,500 online with their ready-made sale page and program.

The owner of Cash Sniper, Ray Pickard claims that the secret system has made 57 people making more than $100,000 per week just by doing affiliate marketing.

What Does Cash Sniper Offer?

Introductory to Affiliate Marketing ($9)

The product starts with a $9 main guide. It is basically a 24-page eBook that gives a general introduction about affiliate marketing, how and where to get started, choosing your niche, how to read your metrics and create sale funnel to generate a lucrative income online.

The topics cover the followings:

  • Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing
  • Choose Your Target Audience
  • What Products to Sell
  • Major Affiliate Sites You Need to Know
  • How to Write Apt Request for Offer Approval
  • Driving Traffic to Your Offer
  • Product Reviews

Cash Sniper Secret Method ($197)

This is where the up-sell comes. It is a 41-page eBook that talk about setting up your first online business. It includes setting up your website to email marketing and to reading your performance metric such as Earnings per Click (EPC).

The topics cover the followings:

  • Domain and Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Building an Email List
  • Email Mailing Platforms
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Building Squeeze Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Solo Ads Metrics
  • Where to Find Solo Ads Sellers
  • What Not to Do When Running Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing
  • Tricks and Tips to Employ for Success with Facebook Ads for Affiliate MarketingEmployable Methods for Effective Use of Social Media for Affiliate Marketing
  • How Is EPC Calculated?

Cash Sniper X ($170)

According to the statistics made by Omnicore, there are five billion YouTube videos are watched every single day around the globe. The average YouTube session by any viewer is roughly 40 minutes.

In other words, there is plenty of room to make some good money through Youtube by becoming an advertiser, providing advertising platform, affiliate links, and etc. The cash sniper X is an 18 page eBook that comprises of tips of how you could generate income through YouTube. For $170, you are going to get the following subjects:

  • How to Setup Your YouTube Channel
  • Tell Your Brand Story
  • Choose Your Niche
  • Keyword Tools
  • Making Great YouTube Videos
  • Programs You Can Use
  • Where to Add Affiliate Links
  • Watermark Your Affiliate Link

Cash Sniper Profit Booster ($157)

In the world of digital, generating a lucrative income online requires having a strong digital presence. If someone wants to make a sustainable income, it is critical to have a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Learning and implementing cutting-edge SEO techniques can give you the leg up you need to get noticed online, convert more prospects into loyal customers, and ultimately boost sales.

The last one is cash sniper profit booster and this is an 11-page eBook that mainly teaches you how to do product research, content writing, SEO, and how to generate income via Google Adsense.

Through this expensive $157 11-page eBook, you will learn the following subjects:

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Domain Name and Hosting
  • Choosing Your Domain Name
  • Best Sellers
  • Price
  • How to Write your Content
  • Putting Your Keywords into The Review
  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO
  • Add related product reviews
  • Add Google AdSense to your site

Cash Sniper Review - Scam or Legit? What Are They Hiding?

What Are They Hiding?

The content from the training material that they are selling can actually be found on the internet for free. Most importantly, there are hidden red flags that one should notice.

Red Flags

Limited Quantity Threats

Your Access Link Expires After 19 Minutes. You Will Then Lost YourPosition in the Queue”

Ever wonder why they want to limit their seats if they can make money from it? Have you ever wonder why some programs invested their time and money and yet, they want to limit the numbers of sales that they can make?

Obviously, they are just pushing you to swipe your credit cards. Ironically, there is always 19 minutes left no matter how many times you log in to the homepage.

Lacking of Information

We can’t find any information about the contact details of Cash Sniper. A genuine product always shows you how they can solve your problems by contacting them.

A legitimate product or service provider will always invest in trying to showcase their capabilities and how they can help you if you run into trouble.

Going through the website and material, we can’t find their email address, company address or phone number. Worst of all, we can’t find their company registration number and we have no idea where this company is located and registered.

Over-hyped Training Material

Most of the training material is outdated.

Cash Sniper talks about keyword density which doesn’t work anymore for SEO. They talk about getting backlinks, but every year google devalues their ranking criteria.

For example, you will not be ranked anymore with 500-800 word articles as what they claim in the training material. At the time of writing, the average word count for the top ten results in Google is over 2,000 words.

Fake Testimonial

Reviews are a buyer’s best chance to navigate this crowded market and a seller’s chance to stand out from the crowd. 

Below is a screenshot of one of the fake testimonial made in their video.

This is the guy who said that since he joined the program just 7 weeks ago he’s bought his first home outright. He expects us to believe he’s making more money than he ever imagined thanks to these 4 low-quality PDF files.

The truth is this guy is a freelancer on Fiverr who can be any spokesperson of a product. $5 is what Cash Sniper paid to have an actor making a fake claims to mislead people to believe that Cash Sniper is a legit product.

Cash Sniper Testimonial
Fiverr Freelancer

Cash Sniper – an Automatic Money Generation System?

There is no way you can generate income via affiliate marketing with any automatic system. It is almost impossible. With Cash Sniper’s so-called secret automatic system, you are very likely subject to fraud.

One should never believe in such system because you do need to know what you are promoting as an affiliate and you should be in control of your reputation by only selling legitimate products.

A hands-off approach will leave your brand vulnerable and it doesn’t allow you to make a sustainable income in the long run.

Cash Sniper or Ecom Profit Sniper?

Going through their Disclaimer, one thing really confuses me. The product is being sold by but the returns and refunds policy touches on Ecom Profit Sniper.

Could this be just copied and pasted texts from Ecom Profit Sniper?

Final Verdict

In “How to Make Money Online Without Being Scammed“, I warn readers against buying anything that is over-hyped by fake testimonial and quick-money-scheme that gives empty promises.

There are way too many red flags about Cash Sniper.

Stay away from Cash Sniper.


I personally create 5-figure monthly passive income stream online without any knowledge on how to create an online business.

I rely 100% on myself to build an income online. If you are interested in alternative ways to generate a real passive income online, you might want to consider running your own legitimate online business.

One powerful way to do this is through an approach called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products from other companies. Any product you promote is going to be based on your opinion, and you are not required to stick with just one company.

If this is an area you’re interested in, you could learn more about this through my 7-day free email course or you could join the program here. The guide is an excellent way to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and to get started in the field yourself.

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