How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) | Step-By-Step Guide

GAS is the fuel token for the realization of NEO network resource control, with a maximum total limit of 100 million. The price has spiked in September once again and if you would like to keep some for long-term profits, here is the step-by-step guide to how you can buy GAS (formerly known as Antcoins).

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step Guide

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) | Step-By-Step Guide

At the time of writing, GAS is only available on Poloniex, Yobtc, and Binance. If you are new and would like to know how to purchase some GAS, it is not that straightforward to just deposit your fiat currencies and buy them on these platforms.

However, you can send bitcoin to Poloniex, Yobtc, and Binance accounts and buy GAS with BTC.

If you are totally new in this, please refer to the following steps to get your first GAS.

Step 1: Create a Coinbase Account to Get bitcoin

There are many ways to buy bitcoin. Perhaps the easiest way is through Coinbase. Go to the Coinbase Signup Page and fill in your first name, last name, email and choose a password.

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step Guide

The registration is quite straightforward. Once, you hit “Create Account”, then you just need to verify your identity (eg: pictures of your driver’s license, etc). Once your account is created and verified, you’ll need to add a funding source like a bank account and/or a debit card. Once this is set up, you can buy some bitcoin.

Many people have the wrong impression that they must buy one full (unit) of BTC. In fact, you can buy even a small fraction of BTC (e.g. 0.05).

The reason I encourage my readers to buy BTC from Coinbase because you will get $10 free BTC once you trade your first $100 through Coinbase.

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step GuideYou can read the full article on Coinbase and Coinhako.

If you are buying bitcoin via credit card, Coinbase will post two small charges on your credit cards. All you need to do is to verify these charges through your credit card’s recent transaction history and confirm them on Coinbase dashboard.

Of course, you can choose other platforms to get your bitcoin. Those in Europe will use a euro exchange like Kraken, while those in Japan will use a yen exchange like Coincheck, etc.

Step 2: Create a Poloniex Account

Create an account with Poloniex by going to their registration page.

Go to Poloniex “Balances, Deposits & Withdrawals” from the “Account” button on the top right menu. Then click “Deposit” from BTC to get your BTC address

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step Guide

Now paste the Bitcoin deposit address you got from Poloniex into the “Destination” box on Coinbase and type in the amount of Bitcoin you want to send.

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step Guide

Just one click and your funds should be on their way to Poloniex. It will take a bit of time, perhaps 15 minutes or more, for your Bitcoin transfer to complete.

Step 3: Trade Bitcoin for GAS on Poloniex

Now that your Poloniex account is set up and you’ve transferred some Bitcoin over, it’s time to actually get some GAS! To do this, go to Poloniex’s GAS/BTC exchange. Here you’ll be greeted with a historical graph of GAS’ changing price.

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step Guide

To trade your Bitcoin (BTC) for GAS:

  1. Click the underlined number next to “You have”. This will set your trade to include your entire Bitcoin balance.
  2. Click the underlined number next to “Lowest ask”. This will set your trade price to the lowest current seller.
  3. Click “Buy”.

How to Buy GAS (Antcoins) Step-By-Step Guide

You just exchanged Bitcoin for GAS. Be aware that there often isn’t much GAS for sale at the very lowest price, so you may need to repeat steps 1-3 a few times until all your Bitcoin is exchanged.

Happy earning!

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