Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

First of all, thanks for dropping by to read my new post on read how to Blog and Make Money Like Everybody. The Internet has grown exponentially and changes too fast over the past ten years. It has become the biggest invention that changes the world. It indeed has impacted everyone’s life on earth (of course to those can access to internet).

Social networking is getting popular nowadays everywhere in the world now and almost everybody can share their opinions and comments easily on social platforms, like Facebook.

There are people constantly share information on their blogs on a daily basis simply because they like to share and write.

Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

Do you know that there are authors earn big bucks from blogging? For example, Arianna Huffington – blogger of The Huffington Post earn $2,330,000 per month at the time of writing.

Therefore, blogging can be a good way to make money. Read on to know how to blog and make money like everybody.

You are always welcome to go through my basic lessons on build your first website and start blogging after reading this post.

Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

Where to Start?

The very first consideration at the beginning is to decide a subject that you are interested at. Some bloggers choose to write things happening in their countries, lives or the community.

The only thing I find blogging about daily lives or events difficult because the blogger has to be committed to writing every single day to keep the readers coming back to you.

Some bloggers choose to write personal opinions on current affairs, local and international politics.

I always find writing about technical subjects or hobbies easier. Of course, you have to be good and passionate about the topic that you are going to choose.

Hence, finding a good topic is important as you will be writing about it throughout your “career”.

Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

Start a Site

To blog, you have to host your website or use some other free blog hosting web pages. I currently use WordPress because it is easy to navigate and there are a lot of plugins available on WordPress.

Those who are new to the industry may want to try signing up with some online tutorials that offer free blog hosting web page, training, step-by-step and forum.

It offers easy to understand tutorials and templates that make your life easier.

Some people who have learned HTML coding before may choose to buy their own domain (www. domain. comand publish their own blog. 

I always suggest newbies or experts to always opt for a ready-made platform as they provide professional services and up-to-date plugins. 

If you are not sure or have no idea how to build yours, please feel free to try to follow some lessons to start building your website.

Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

Blog and Earn Money

After setting up your site, then it is important to bring in the visitors. Traffic means money.

Maybe you do not quite understand how writing blogs can earn money and let me explain this. When your website constantly receives a lot of readers every day, advertisers will then ask to place ads on your site. When a visitor clicks on these links, the blog owner will get paid.

The more clicks on the banner, the more money you will be generating. To gain more clicks, you need to get more visitors, to get more visitors, it simply means higher traffic.

To get more traffic to your website, then you have to learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

This is a technique that professional bloggers use to get their website ranked on search engines (e.g. Google). When a person types in a keyword on the search engine, then your website will be brought to the result page.

The example below shows by Ookla is ranked first on the first page of Google search result. Most of the internet users will click on the first website that appears on the page.

Therefore, understanding SEO is essential in order to get your website ranked on the first page of the search engine.

You can read  SEO Strategies in my previous post.

Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

How to Getting Paid

After mastering the SEO strategies, getting paid is simple. There are two ways to cash out your money generating online.

Paypal – this is widely recognized. It is commonly used for online shoppers. Most of the commissions are paid via Paypal and the money can be transferred to your local bank account almost instantly.

It is the most commonly used facility by many affiliate marketing programs and advertisers as it is extremely easy to do international currency exchanges.

Merchant Accounts – it allows people to accept credit cards and the processing fee is normally incurred for each transaction made. It normally takes 2 to 3 business working days and the popular ones are NetPay and iPay88.


I have written a lot of posts on how you can earn money by blogging. It is a very convenient way to generate steady income from almost everywhere in the world. I blog as a part-time activity because I really enjoy the freedom of being able to work anytime and anywhere.

Blogging has no rules and everyone has their own styles and ways of writing. Most importantly, you blog what you like and you decide what you want to write. That is what I like – FREEDOM

Let’s Blog and Make Money Like Everybody.

Blog and Make Money Like Everybody

I hope you enjoy reading this post on how to Blog and Make Money Like Everyone.

This is an introduction to show you how one can blog and earn money. I have posted another article on how to blog successfully and I strongly recommend you to go for a read.




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8 Responses

  1. Anh Nguyen says:

    Hello Alexy,
    I am starting a blog myself and I think making money through blog can be a lucrative way given the right method.
    It will take some time to take off, you probably have to work hard for it in order to build an authoritative blog with a good amount of traffic and you will pretty much have to constantly update new contents.
    I was truthfully surprised that I actually like doing it.

    Although there are still a lot of things to learn and it could be tiresome something it’s been a great ride.
    I am wondering how do you set-up an icon/ favicon to your site?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi there,

      I am glad to hear that you are starting your own blog. I agree that it will take some time to take off, probably 6 to 12 months. That is why bloggers have to be consistent and update their blog frequently. I am still working hard to gain higher traffic. I am happy that you are liking it!

      Regarding the favicon, you have to go to “Customize” under “General Settings” Menu and upload your favicon. I hope this helps.

      Good luck,


  2. Rebecca says:

    I feel like the site had more to it than it should’ve. Then again, I don’t know stocks and real estate that well so it may have as much it needs. It does look very professional, however, I would tone down the red just a bit if able. It hurts the eyes just a bit.

    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Rebecca,

      Great thanks for giving your comments on my site. I really appreciate that. I will work on it.



  3. Ryan says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great post you’ve got here.

    I’ve noticed that in your ‘How to Get Paid’ section, you mentioned that there were 3 ways but only listed two. Was there another way to cash out or did you type out 2 by mistake?

    There is a lot of content on your site, I hope it’s giving you the freedom you talked about here 🙂

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for spotting that! I have edited the post.

      I really like to share information with others on blog since it encourages people to give their opinions and comments on the relevant topics.



  4. Gin says:

    Nice post. I have no idea you can make that much money just from blogging. Can you really make so much from a personal blog or does it have to be a large scale project like the Huffington Post? As I feel like the Huffington blog itself employs a large number of writers and it may not be possible to earn so much in a short time, say under a year.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Gin,

      Blogger can actually earn lots of money from blogging. There are a few income sources from blogging.

      i. Earning commission via advertisement;

      ii. Selling stuff from your site;

      iii. Product reviews;

      iv. Referral programs (e.g. #1 Recommendation) and etc.

      You can refer to my previous posts, How to Start a Website and Earn Money and How to Start a Website and Earn Money to find out more how you could generate income from blogging.

      It is true that it is almost impossible to earn so much money within a year and Huffington started with smaller scale and it grows. Indeed they hire writers due to expansion.

      It does not need to be a big website in order to earn lucrative income. Some travel blogs manage to generate good passive income (>$10,000 per month) within a year. Of course it requires effort, time and patience to achieve that.

      You could read my #1 Recommendation program on how one can learn the proper way to generate money from blogging.

      Let me know if you would like to know more.



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