Best Way to Get Rich

Thanks for trying your luck by clicking the link and find out the best way to get rich. Just to emphasize that the article is about getting rich legally and not via any short cuts or quick scheme. There are many ways to get rich. Some can be easier than the others and some can be tougher. In my opinion, the scale of easiness strongly depends on your interest and the drive that is in you.

Best Way to Getting Rich

The easiest one will be marrying rich and inheriting wealth. I am certainly not joking here. There are courses in China available that train young ladies to get married to the rich.

There are many billionaires in China (at the time of writing) and chances to marry a wealthy man is relatively high. Of course, she has to have some certain level of quality. All this skills or qualities can be picked up on courses and workshops that are made professionally in China.

Too bad I am not a beautiful lady, let’s us look at other alternatives to get rich.

Start Your Own Business

Best Way to Get Rich

Starting a business is not easy but it is definitely one of the most effective ways to get rich. Many businessmen get rich at their niches, at the interests that they are good at.

If you know your stuff very well and you can solve people’ problems, then you are creating real value that customers are willing to pay you for a solution.

Business, it could be an online a business or a retail business, consultancy or product retailer.  All these businesses require hard work, knowledge, dedication and time to build.

If you can make it through, the rewards can be significant and your life will be changed totally. Of course, one has to take the risk to build a business as it involves money.

Online business is getting popular nowadays as it requires less capital and what you need is a niche, laptop, time, and writing skill. This is why the rich population is getting younger as they are the generation that knows IT more than anyone else.

Property Investment

Best Way to Get Rich

Property investment gives much leverage as land is limited but the population of human has recently grown exponentially.

It has been proven that property investment remains the best way to accumulate wealth in long term run. Some properties require higher capital due to its proximity to facilities, the center of town, master plan and etc.

Looking for a good property requires lots of time and research – well, all money making business requires research and time investment anyway.

Property investment is very suitable to extroverts, why? You need to get out from your house to look at the property conditions, study the surroundings, negotiate with agents, lawyers, contractors and most importantly the sellers.

Most of the millionaires are in the game of property investment or development. The strategy of property investment is straightforward and simple.

It will never go wrong if you can find a property at good locations and the values of the properties will only go up in long term as human are multiplying.  I personally think property investment is the best way to get rich.

 Stock Investment

Best Way to Get Rich


We all know Warren Buffett. He did it by accumulating shares of great potential companies when the price was still fair or undervalued. If you have a good analytical mind, this business is meant for you.

One can simply do investment by sitting at home and studying the annual reports of companies since such information is made available online.

To make a good trade, one must find a good company that has a good investment plan. It is always a good idea to have someone (companies) can invest better to manage your money to bring you a higher return.

Occasionally there are companies throwing out their shares at discounted price. Do not be afraid of getting some of them (relatively good ones) if you are looking at long term investment.

Most importantly, study and do enough research before buying them.

Some of us invest in companies which have just started up and hope that they will grow like Coco-cola, Google, and Microsoft. If you have friends in top universities, try to ask around to get to know people who will be starting some high tech business.

Becoming an angel investors is not a bad idea as you may be lucky enough to be one of the future millionaires. Some of the early employees like Dropbox, Yahoo, Google are now millionaires because the company shares had turned into billions of dollar, making them rich almost overnight.

Become a Celebrity

Best Way to Get Rich 3

Can you sing or dance? If you are talented, then you should work hard to polish your skills and become a celebrity. This is how sport stars and entertainers become rich. Not only that, one must know how to market themselves to the public and gain popularity.

To become one of the superstars, it requires a high level of talent and hard works. Well, time to exploit your talent and you might be the next American Idol.


We discussed the best way to get rich and now it is time to think which one suits you more. Of course there are many more alternatives can make us rich, but the most important key is to take action. Start as early as possible and invest your time to make it happens.




Best Way to Get Rich

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6 Responses

  1. Sue Tay says:

    Hello, Alex, thank you for your article. I found it quite educational and learnt something new. It never crossed my mind to marry a rich man as a way to become rich. LOL!
    I wonder with the current property hike in Singapore, whether property investment is still an attractive method for investment? What about if the market crashes?
    Hope you can offer some advice. Thank you.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Sue,

      I think the quickest scheme to get rich is to marry a rich guy, or I could also marry a rich widow 🙂 I just just joking here.
      It really depends on which property you are looking at, HDB is very well regulated by the government but in long term, Condominium is still the best choice. However, down payment is not a small amount, and one needs to also take into account the maintenance fee. Singapore has limited land and I don’t see any significant fluctuation in condo price. Singapore is also economically stable and it is a rich country and if anything really hits, Singapore will not feel the pain. Today Singapore is ranked number 3 on the richest country in the world, it simply means it has a lot of reserve. With all the talented and capable people available in one small country, they have done enough preparation for the worst to come.

      Well, thanks for dropping by!


  2. Emily says:

    hi Alex
    that is quite the diverse list of ways to get rich! You give a variety of options and that is good. At this moment in time, marrying rich sounds good 🙂 lol. But for real, I think that if one has drive and some skills, one can get quite far. One also needs guts and just the ability to take chances and get out there, networking and making connections. Too bad I did not invest in Google shares 20 years ago…

    • Alex Y says:

      Hello Emily,

      Thanks for dropping by and had a good read. It seems like marrying rich is quite an attractive option to most people. Hahaha!

      I think you are doing a good job now with Wealthy Affiliate – literally, we are building our own business here. Best thing is we learn and we apply.
      I wish you all the best at what you are doing now 🙂


  3. Dmitriy says:

    Hi Alex,
    Personally, I think one of the best ways to become rich is to start your own business – with an intention to help people through doing something you’re passionate about. This way you will be happy with what you’re doing.
    Anyway, nice post, keep it going!

    • Alex Y says:

      Indeed, I completely agree with you. It is essential to work on the passion that provides solution to others. It is a win:win game.
      Thanks for dropping by and had a good read.


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