App Flame Review – Is App Flame Safe and Legit?

is app flame legit

Welcome to our App Flame Review. This article will discuss about a mobile app called App Flame. Basically, this application lets you download the game and made you earn as you play.  Speculations are App Flame legit or just another online scam sites.

For some people, playing their favorite games is just a hobby.  But earning while enjoying your favorite game may sound too good to be true.  This can be somehow unbelievable.  Thus, you will be hearing comments that App Flame is another dubious application that rip-off users with their mobile apps.

Out of curiosity, I have downloaded the apps just to assess if it is legitimate.  Some players have been reviewing the application but then I never let myself be influenced by it.  In as much as I can, I would like to have a real experience of the game.

This App Flame review is a not biased evaluation of the company, their products as well as its services.  I will try to uncover pertinent matters that users need to understand and give you my two cents worth of opinion.

We will have that clear evaluation if it is, App Flame, legit company can pay their members the amount they promised.  Find out in this review if they are worth your time and effort.

App Flame Review Summary

Product Name: Intellishop

Founder: Applike GmbH

Product type: Gaming App

Price: Free

Best For: Gamers

Rating: 2/5

Recommended:  Only if you are looking for pocket money

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What is App Flame?

App Flame is a mobile application that gives you rewards for installing and trying the game. Initially, users will be asked to try some games that they are interested with.

Then, App Flame will provide users mCoins subject to the extent of time they played the game.

In exchange for the minutes or hours spent, App Flame pays the user’s a certain number of mCoins that can be converted in cash or gift cards.

This app appears to be developed by the same guys who brought us CoinPop and AppLike.  

The app is openly supported by mobile Android operating and systems. However, this app is not available for VPN users.

There is a referral system that lets players invite other users to try the App Flame.

About 25% of mCoins, as well as registration bonus, will be awarded to their new invites.  

Too bad if you are a gamer wasting your time using similar apps without earning, it is best to register.

App Flame is being operated by a company called Applike GmbH. 

is app flame legit-mobile app


Where to Start with App Flame?

Joining App Flame is just a breeze.  Users may simply download App Flame through affiliated game sites free of charge. There are no deposits and purchases to be done in using App Flame.  Users may choose the game they prefer, install from the list and you are good to go.

They may receive payments for every minute spend playing their preferred game.  Some users may receive invitations from friends referring them to play the game. This is an alternative way mot just to earn but also to join and use the App Flame.

The referral system is equivalent to a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) strategy that other companies are doing.  Although there is a stigma about this business model, most likely companies are using it. They are used not to scam other people to rather promote their services by inviting consumers to be members. 

Those who registered to download the app and play games are expected to play the game with advertisements.   During the play, these advertisements are played via a pop-up.  Sometimes, these ads can be annoying to their members.  But that is how they earn.

These advertisements are usually from game developers themselves who pay App Flame for the time and ad space they provide. These payments from game developers are then given to gamers as rewards.

There are many ways to earn rewards using App Flame. The best way is to install their app and use it for some time.  Playing the game for some time is how you earn points which then may be traded for rewards that include cash.

How to Earn from App Flame

Just a reminder though, users are advised to withdraw a minimum amount so that there will be no delays to exchange your points. If users wish to start immediately they should start doing so using Google Play store. Note that users download the app so they can start earning rewards.

Likewise, users should understand that it is only compatible with Android mobile devices. Also, App Flame is not available in all countries.  Once an app is installed, users may sign-up with their email or Facebook account. To check your playtime, App Flame will require users to provide their usage data.

If the registration is complete, users will receive 5555 mCoins as a signup reward. Users can see the games listed inside as well as the apps available for download and use. Users will earn mCoins depending on the number of minutes or hours the play the game.

They will receive many points from 1 to 5 minutes of playing time. However the extended time they play the game, the lesser coin they will earn. For instance, the game you play provides 700 coins a minute.

Should users wish to earn the same amount of coins again, they need to play 2 to 5 minutes following the game. The number of time required to earn will continuously increase. However, there are times that the value of the coins does not get higher given the same rate.

 For example 700 coins in a minute, users are required 3 minutes to receive the following set of coins. An alternative way to earn is through the referral program.  Users can receive 250 worth of coins every referral they make using the app. Likewise, they can receive 25% of the total coins they earn.

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Why Does App Flame Have Suspicious Behavior? 

There are instances about App Flame that users did not like. Some of the issues are that users are not guaranteed of the earning. They say that most of the time they cannot receive coins after playing the games.

Users have limited apps to install. The reason is they provide a chance to earn points by downloading and playing the games they offer. The problem is that there are few apps available and users are limited to select from 2 apps.

Another issue is that App Flame is only compatible with Android users. This means that only a limited number of people can be referred to. Thus, referral income is also limited.

Although there are some proven payments that App Flame showed, still some users complain of unexpected restrictions and not enough support from the game developer.

Some users actually liked the app.  Some gamers are enjoying some games like auto spin and solitaires.  One of their problems, however, is that when they switched to a new phone, the earnings are not synched. 

With that, some speculations came about if it is, App Flame, legit to make their payments to its members.

Is App Flame Legit and Safe?

Just by reviewing the App Flame in Google Play Store, some users are happy with the application.  We must face it; the application was created to give rewards to play the game.  This is not being used to make it your main source of income.

The application says it all, that they do not guarantee that the user will always win the game.  It is clearly stated in their terms of use.  It is just like playing a lottery game.  You do not always win.  But in the end, there is enjoyment.

The application, after all, is made for entertainment purposes.  Winning and getting rewarded are just perks.  Some people face difficulties in earning the right number of points or cashing out their balance.

It is also mentioned in their terms of use that the provider can change the number of coins being generated.  They can have it changed at any time, even without stating any reasons.  If you cannot accept this kind of agreement then use it for leisure only.

So if your purpose is just to play and enjoy the game, then this can be satisfying.  Just do not expect something in return.  The income potential is extremely low. 

It cannot be your main source of income.  This is not the passive income that you always wanted.  They are just giving some rewards to their players.  No matter how much you extend your time, it cannot be a main source of income.

Some users expect more since they spend an extended number of minutes just to try the game.  The only thing some users do not know is that App Flame’s main objective is to earn advertising profits.

Final Verdict

I believe that App Flame is a legit application that users can download to play games and get points. However, there are no assurances that you will receive a big amount of money.  This means earning money normally perceived by people like an easy money-making way to earn.

App Flame provided ad spaces for game developers that promote their app when the game is being played.  Users are paid for trying a new game and perhaps to make the game known for all players. It is somehow being promoted by their fellow gamers. 

We all know the impact when an enthusiast would recommend to someone.  It will surely become a hit.  If users are satisfied with the points they earn they will surely recommend it.  These points can be exchanged for different rewards and that includes real cash.

Users are only advised to select only the games that guarantee earnings.   Some games that are in the App Flame are not sponsored thus earning is not guaranteed.  We do not want that because our aim in joining is basically to earn while we play our favorite games.

App Flame also has the control of changing the number of coins they provide for using the game. This only means that users do not expect to automatically receive points when they play games downloaded in their app.

The earning potential in using App Flame is not that big. Users are expected to earn about $5 up to $15 per month. Users are not expected to install new game apps since App Flame cannot be relied upon in uploading games.

Although App Flame is legit, the income potential is low.  Being a legit company is not a guarantee of a decent income.  Exploring other means of earning like Affiliate Marketing is highly recommended.

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