Ambit Energy Review – Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

Ambit Energy Review - Is Ambit Energy a Scam

Welcome to our Ambit Energy Review!

This article is about the Ambit Energy Company review that provides electricity and natural gas services among its members. There are many reasons why customers conduct business reviews.  

Practical reason perhaps is that they want to learn about the reputation of the company where they will invest their hard earned money.  Since these products are not regulated in the US, speculations arise, is Ambit Energy a scam or a legitimate company?  

 In this article, the programs and compensation packages being offered by the company will be discussed in an attempt to answer the question, is Ambit Energy a scam?

Reviews are very important as they can be the rise or fall of the company. Satisfied consumers will definitely provide good feedback and recommend the products to friends.  So, before you decide to join this MLM Company, it is best to take some time to read this review and ask yourself, is Ambit Energy a scam?

Ambit Energy Review Summary

Product Name: Ambit Energy Review

Owner: Ramin Mesgarlou

Industry‎: ‎Multi-level Marketing

Products: Electricity and Natural Gas

Headquarters‎: Texas, USA

Founded: 2006

Rating: 30/100

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What is Ambit Energy?

The main mission of the company is basically to provide retail energy which can be trusted by consumers in the United States.  Therefore, they sell electricity and natural gas and adapted the concept of Multi-level Marketing.

Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless are co-founders of Ambit Energy. The corporate headquarters can be found in Dallas, Texas. The operations of the call center are in Plano, also part of Texas. It was in 2006 when Ambit Energy started their operation.

Today, Ambit Energy services different areas in the United States.  This includes around 17 states in America.

The company service even expands internationally particularly in Canada and Japan.  They offer quality services and provide affordable energy supply among their customers.

The international market recognized the company. Still, there are doubts if the company is legitimate? In fact, the controversy grows if they are trustworthy. Consumers are inquiring - Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

The legitimacy of the company is important.  The members are growing. So, they must have a clear understanding of the company program. Income generation is becoming an issue. But, the computation of the residual income was never disclosed to the members.

The Product Line of Ambit Energy

Companies that usually provide energy services are usually operated by large scale industries. In fact, companies monopolize these services. Ambit Energy proved them wrong when they started distributing their energy services referred by the members of their network.

Today, they are servicing to different states in the US.  Because of that, the company has been in competition with other leading utility companies.

Commercial Services

Ambit Energy has been in service with various commercial enterprises.  These enterprises help them by providing benefits that saves them some operational costs.  In turn, they provide these enterprises with affordable energy consumption fees.

The Green-e Energy

The Amber Green e Energy product line of of the company. This type of product is not harmful to the environment and is also safe for customers.  They have been promoting this product for nature’s preservation.  Currently, they are into renewable energy as a preparation for the climate change issues.

Solar Savings

For customers who are conscious about the environment, this is another way of taking care of our nature.  The Ambit’s Solar Savings is being fulfilled through a partner named Sunrun, a known leader in providing solar energy.

How to Make Money with Ambit Energy?

The deregulation of energy in the US had caused Ambit Energy to sell its products at a certain price.  They freely distributed the income among its network.  Everybody uses electricity.  It is an essential part of life.  We use natural gas each day. Whether we like it or not, we have to choose the right provider of energy.

They Adapted the MLM Business Model. They started inviting members who would want to venture as an Energy Provider but, they do not have enough capital to build their own business.  Technically speaking, they have a strong advantage over the usual MLM opportunities because of these individuals will really have to avail of the services of an energy provider.  They just need to switch from the previous to Ambit Energy.


How to Become a Member of Global Wealth Trade

The Retail Membership that entitles members of a 20% discount will cost you $214.  Again, $35 goes to your sponsor or the person who invited you.

Lifestyle Promoters will cost you about $483.  This kind of membership offers you the opportunity to have an access to the Global Level Marketing.  

Aside from that, you will automatically get 25% discount on all their products. 

If you have more money to invest, then you can go ahead and be a Lifestyle Advisor which will cost you $1,394.  

You will earn 30% from all the products being sold by the company plus the opportunity to enjoy the compensation plan of the Multi-level Marketing .

Although Global Wealth Trade offers good compensation program, to become a member may cost you a lot of money.  

If you are a regular user of the product and you really patronize their brand, then there is a lot to gain.  

If you are to change your purchasing behavior just to earn from their program then you must think twice.  Remember that the payment for the membership has no guarantee that you will really earn from the company. 

ambit-energy compensation pack


Generating Income from Ambit Energy

Satisfied customers will definitely convinced some friends to do the switch and sign up as your downline. Sponsors received an Immediate Bonus after paying the membership fee. Because, Individuals consume it each day, there is a guarantee that you will earn a residual income from the consumption of your invited members each month.

Your downline would also want to earn from the system so they will also do the same.  Because, they will look for potential customers who will do the switch and sign-up expect the growth of the network.  As soon as these customers started replicating what you did, you will be earning a lucrative amount from the sales of the entire network.

Well, since the company is an MLM Company, we understand that this is how it works in all companies that adapt to the same business concept.  With little to almost no information at all about how the figures are actually computed gives the members speculations whether the corporation is really paying their members the right amount.

The company is really paying the residual income, but, are we really getting the right amount? According to the members, it is relatively small compared to the investments of the members.  If the goal of the company is to provide free energy consumption to its members then who pays for the operational cost?

Compensation Pack of Ambit Energy

Multi-level Marketers normally analyze the compensation package before they pay for the membership.  At this point, the company is never transparent about the distribution of the actual earnings of its members.

Unfortunately, the residual income is not clear and therefore, it is hard to tell whether you can really earn enough from the compensation package.  It is just like you are adding $25 on top of your actual bill.  The main concern is how much do they charge for the actual consumption?  Is it the same with the other service provider?

Just like in any MLM companies, the sponsors can actually track and monitor their income because the companies are transparent in the computation of the residual income.  Perhaps, in any business that promises opportunities, it is important to know what we are expecting before we sign up and become a member.

Somehow, there are also some perks and rewards when you become a member of Ambit Energy.  Invite 15 customers who will do the switch to the company and make them sign-up in your network and you will have an opportunity to earn free energy.

The company also provides travel rewards if you refer to customers.  Again, if you have referred a customer, you need to wait for the accumulated points to reach the target to get a travel reward.

Becoming a Member of the Ambit Energy Network

The compensation package is the most important factors that needs to be studied before investing.  Ambit Energy used to charge $429 just to sign up.  That is a one-time joining fee.  Since most of the customers just cannot afford such amount, the company reduced the cost to $75.

Although the reduced price was really low as compared to the previous one, you will have to pay for your personal website.  You will be charged $24.95 each month for the maintenance of the personal website.

At most, the average consumption of energy in the US each month is about $80.  The question is, will the residual income cover the $25 maintenance of the personal website or cover a portion of $80 energy consumption cost?

If the customers have been complaining of a low residual income, will there be a significant impact on the outstanding bill?

Dealing with Multiple Complaints

While Ambit Energy is servicing to limited states in the US, the complaints against them are multiple.  Some complaints that are worth mentioning are the overcharges they received after switching to Ambit Energy’s service.

According to the customers, they have poor customer support.   Customers have been complaining for long hours of wait before they reach an agent in the call center to assist them with their problems.   Some agents also were not; in any way, able to help in resolving the problems.

Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

Ambit Energy is a legitimate MLM Company.  There may be some irregularities but is definitely legitimate.  The members have always been asking about how the compensation of the members is being computed.

In 2014, Consumers Affairs recorded numerous complaints from the customers ranging from overcharging to misrepresentation of the paid commission. 

According to members of the network, their sponsors have misrepresented the income received and they were actually deceived. Following these issues, customers who have contracts that expired filed complaints because of increasing contract rates.

In 2015, the New York Public Service Commission, the one in-charge in the regulation of energy launched an investigation about the problem.  In December of the same year, Ambit Energy was asked to refund about a million-dollar to more than a thousand consumers.  The company is also facing lawsuits in Illinois, New Your, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Since the company started in Texas and the corporate headquarters, as well as the call center, operates in the state, it is expected that at least they will have a better reputation in that area.  Unfortunately, from 2010 to 2012, Ambit Energy was fined with an accumulated amount to $57,500 for violating the customer protection rules.  It has also been discussed by other customers of the company and the consumer organizations that the energy providers are charging excessively for the services.

At the end of the day, because of all these issues with the Ambit Energy Company, whether the company is registered and legitimate, their services are rather deceiving.

The Final Verdict - Is it Worth Investing?

Everyone needs electricity. Individuals need gas everyday. These utilities are essential to our everyday existence. Investing in a one-time fee of $475 is not for me. 

Is Ambit Energy a scam for charging a hefty fee for membership?  They reduced the cost for $75 but with a recurring fee of $25.  Is it worth investing in?

Most customers are complaining about poor customer service.  Where do you think they will come if you are their up-line or sponsor? Unsatisfied customers will be asking for your help as if you are among the executives of the company.  

Because peace is very important and  no one wants to deal with complaints, I will not risk my peace with the company.   Is  Ambit Energy a scam? the company is a legitimate, but,  it is not a guarantee that you will earn from the products they are selling.  It is not an assurance that you will generate a decent income from their residual program.

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