Ace Profits Academy Review – What Is Ace Profits Academy?

Ace Profits Academy Review – What Is Ace Profits Academy

What is Ace Profits Academy? Join me as we try to answer that question in this review. I will be presenting all there is to know about this company.

Ace Profits Academy connects and empower the public to credible and establish speakers through their empowering seminars and workshops in area of investing, trading, health, internet marketing and personal development.

In short, Ace Profits Academy is an organization which specializes in motivational keynotes, development workshops and customized coaching services.

Ace Profits Academy Review Summary

Company Name: Ace Profits Academy

Owner: Unknown

Industry‎: ‎Educational platform in wealth creation and personal development

Products: Best Income Seller Seminar,  Millionaire Investor Program, Property Investing Program, Inner Qi program

Headquarters‎: Digimatic Media Pte Ltd
82 Ubi Ave 4
Edward Boustead Centre,
#06-03 Singapore 408832

Price: Varies - some are free

Founded: 2013

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: Nope. Lots of up-sells.

Summary: Ace Profits Academy was founded in 2013 and claim to be Asia’s leading educational platform in wealth creation and personal development. They offer seminars and workshops are all tailored to public who are keen to grow your knowledge and success.

Ace Profits Academy Review – What Is Ace Profits Academy

What is Ace Profits Academy?

Ace Profits Academy was founded in 2013, where they offer seminars by inviting top industry speakers and teachers that share their proven success blueprint. 

Ace Profits Academy basically provide an educational platform in wealth creation and personal development around Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. 

There are several free workshops that range from trading, property investment, inner Qi, to internet online business. 

In fact, Ace Profits Academy has done a great job as a event organizer who brings top notch expert trainers to conduct training on wealth creation, business entrepreneurship, investing, healing, and many more to come.

What Programs Does Ace Profits Academy Offer?

Ace Profits Academy are always on the lookout for professional speakers that can provide a successful method that benefits your existing business or to start your own business. At the time of writing, there are several seminars that focus mainly on how to build your wealth through Amazon affiliate business.

  • 5 Star Seller Academy - It's about making online income online through Amazon. Instructor: Mr. Leslie (Amazon 7-figure e-Commerce expert)
  • Ultimate Internet Profit. Teacher: Edwin Chia.
  • Contra Trading with Smart Money. Trainer: Ronald K.
  • Bestseller Income Seminar. Educator: Dominic Tay.
  • Master Your Mind. Mentor: CK Tan.
  • Value Investing Strategy. Teachers: Reshveen Rajendran, Sean Seah, Mary Buffett 
  • Mencius Advanced Property Investment Course. Teacher: Dr Patrick Liew, Founder and CEO of HSR Realty, One of Singapore’s largest real estate firms.
  • Trade-To-Win Strategy Seminar. Teacher: Thomas Yin has over 20 years of trading experience.
  • Building Smart Businesses in Challenging Time - 6 strategies to run your business the Smart way and etc. Teacher: KC See is the founder of QUEST Group companies, CEO of MasteryAsia, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker. 
  • O.M.B Investing Strategy - Hosted by Koshilan Kosh to teach you how to invest in stock

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Are Ace Profits Academy Courses Beneficial?

Courses offered by Ace Profits Academy may be useful but if you really think that the course is worth attending, go for their preview seminar and ask yourself or the trainer the following questions:

  • Is the course material unique and proprietary?
  • Can the information be found anywhere else on the internet? You should never pay thousands to learn basic indicators or candlestick patterns that are available online but packaged nicely and rebranded as their own “system”.
  • Is the trainer willing to trade live in front of the participants? Showing a historical chart and claimed that he/she made money means nothing. Hindsight is always 20/20.

If you want to become a millionaire investor then it’s not enough to be told what you need to do, you need to be sure that the information has properly sunk in.

The theory you have learned needs to be actionable and for that to be the case you need to have really thought it through.

Ultimately, when it comes to property or trading seminars, there tends to be a lot of information thrown at you in a very short space of time such as an evening or a weekend.

What People Say About Ace Profits Academy?

Going through the review of Ace Profits Academy, there is a mixed of both positive and negative reviews. A few reviews were extracted from the Google Business Review and a few snapshots taken from the same platform. 

It is apparent that the seminars and training are well-received by some participants but most of the people who gave low ratings hugely due to constant annoying advertisements on YouTube and Facebook.

Hence, the overall rating is not conclusive whether or not Ace Profits Academy is a scam or a legitimate service.  

“Went to a seminar via advertisement. Instructor talked on and on about how lucrative it is to open an amazon shop/brand, but refuse to share the name of his own amazon shop/brand. I wouldn't trust anyone like that.

In my opinion, I have met other coaches on youtube who are transparent about their brand and gives away useful information for free.” Samantha zhang 

Source: Google Review

“Great job Ace Profits Academy! Thanks for organizing the big event ACE Total Success Convention and I had a great time with all the speakers you bring in. I learned a lot, esp the one on birth date one and health healing one. I wish I had brought my friends so they can benefit as well. Please inform me more if you got future events.” Jonah Ting 

Source: Google Review

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Pros and Cons of Ace Profits Academy


  • Diverse range of courses provided from personal mentors.

  • A lot of free seminar for public to explore and judge if the courses are suitable for them.
  • Clear disclaimer where seminars organized are not fully-proven blueprints. 


  • No proof of a founder present.
  • Some expensive courses that may not be affordable for people with low budget
  • Their website is visually appealing and but it does not contains all the necessary information.
  • Ace Profits Academy has 18 complaints filed against them through the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE).
  • Instructors are slow to respond or ignoring the participant’s queries after collecting payment.
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) hasn’t listed Ace Profits Academy as a company that’s regulated

Is Ace Profits Academy a Scam?

Here’s our final verdict:

Ace Profits Academy is a legit company with legit courses and training. There are a lot of positive things to take away from this company and it would be hard to advise people to steer away from this opportunity. With that said, as far as recommendations go, I would like to leave that decision up to you. 

One thing we have identified was there were several complaints against Digimatic Media Pte Ltd, who is behind Ace Profits Academy.

The nature of the complaints are participants feedback that they had attended a free seminar organised by the company and were informed that they would be taught to earn a four to five figure income by setting up an online business with minimal effort. 

During the seminar, the instructor consistently encouraged the participants to sign up for advanced courses or extra lessons that would teach them how to better market their online business. The cost of these advanced courses ranged from $2,000 to $5,000.

After attending these advanced courses, the participants reported that techniques taught to them were either not feasible or had resulted in poor sales. Furthermore, according to the participants' complaints to CASE, the instructor was slow to respond or ignored the participants’ queries after collecting the payment.

Things To Look Out For Before Registering For Any Courses

Take the advantage of those free courses offered by Ace Profits Academy. During the presentation watch out for these further red flags:

  • Unrealistic claims or projections of market returns.
  • Lifestyle marketing. Showing off their luxurious lifestyle and possessions. These are marketing gimmicks to direct your state of mind towards greed. People make silly decisions in the moment of greed
  • Poor credentials. Some of the trainers don’t even have a professional trading or investment background. You deserve someone well qualified and experienced to be your mentor

Always be skeptical on the type of “fish” are you getting. Whether their calls are correct or wrong, you still have to pay for the subscription. This means that the risk is entirely on you.

Seminars are a great learning environment, but most of the time they are just theoretical instead of practical, so hands-on experiences are very rare.

After a successful workshop you will discover just how enjoyable learning about new ideas and processes can be, but more importantly, you will have gained knowledge that could instantly set you apart from the crowd. 

Overall, seminars, if chosen carefully, can be a good experience. They are not miracle cures to business problems or other problems, however, and this must be kept in mind when deciding to attend a seminar. 

These are, after all, optional events, and success or failure in business or life will probably not hinge on attendance at seminars!

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