$5k Formula System Review – Scam from Matthew Neer

5k Formula System has just been launched recently (at the time of writing) and it is making a buzz in the affiliate marketing review circles. Welcome and read my 5k Formula System Review and find out if it is a scam from Matthew Neer.

5k Formula System Review - Scam from Matthew Neer

Name: 5k Formula System
Website: http://5kformula.com/funnel
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100
Price: $5.95 (upsells)

Introduction to 5k Formula System

Once you log on to their official page, this is the first thing you will find – “$5k Formula, New Instant Commission System and Makes Me $5,000 on 100% Autopilot, for FREE”. That sounds a bit too good to be true.

This simply implies, you will not need to do anything, money will be generated  on 100% autopilot mode. Most importantly, for FREE! Will you trust this? Personally, I don’t. There is no free lunch in this world.

$5k Formula System Review - Scam from Matthew Neer

5k Formula System is an online business platform that teaches their members how to generate money online WITHOUT a website with Matthew Neer’s sale funnel FAST and EASY. How? Through referral commissions.

You will be provided an affiliate link and all you need to do is to bring potential buyers to the offer page and purchase the “system”. If someone buys it, you will be rewarded.

As part of their system, you will be able to access to their “training” course on how to attract people to the offer page and rip off their pockets. The courses show you how to reach potential customers and how to convince them to purchase their system.

They basically not selling any product but their 5k Formula System. You are basically their sale agents promoting the “products”. From each purchase, you earn commissions. The problem is you will still need to do some work to ask people to click on the link and convert the clicks to commissions. It is not 100% automated!

The tricky part is you will only commission from each purchase of product A, only if you have bought product A. Furthermore, there are several upsells in their system.

A) Traffic-related bonus – $19.95

B) Ten “Done For You” squeeze pages – $24.95

C) Sixty email swipes – $39

D) Secrets of the millionaires video series – $97

E) License to Neer’s funnel (reseller rights) – $495

Why Being a 5K Formula System Affiliate Makes Sense

A) It does not require experience in building website;

B) Easy and the system is straight forward;

There Must be Some Negative Sides of 5K Formula System

$5k Formula System Review - Scam from Matthew Neer

A) It is not FREE! What they claim on the official web page is a lie.

B) Upsells. I hate upsells!

C) It is not a reliable way of making money. It is okay when the product is new. Sooner, people will be hating it since it is just another spammy affiliate marketing system.


I personally do not like this kind of affiliate marketing program as I know there are other similar programs in the market and they do not last long. The system does sound robust and I am sure it is going to work if you are going to invest your time, effort and money on it.

Before you turn yourself into a millionaire, you are just making Matthew Neer into one before you. He basically selling the “rights” to you to redistribute their system to the affiliates. Through the referral commission system, you share a little part of their revenue. That is why you are going to work so hard to bring a lot of traffic to their funnel. It does not matter to them anymore whether you make any sale as long as you constantly promote their products in the market. You are basically advertising for them!

Final Thought

Since you are going to invest your time, effort and money on driving traffic to somebody’s pocket. Why not doing all these for your own? You could actually build your own website, and turn traffic into passive income.

If you really want to look for a way to earn money online, you could follow my steps doing a real online business – Internet Marketing. I promote products from Amazon (see products from Amazon on the right panel of my site) to over million of Internet users in the world. Every click and purchase made via my website, I will be able to earn commissions from Amazon or eBay (you can read my previous post on How to Make Money While Traveling).

It is important to run a reliable and legit online business for long-term. You can follow my steps and get yourself trained with me in Wealthy Affiliate. From there, you will be able to learn how to choose your niche, building your own website, and make sales from real affiliate marketing program.

Anyway, please share this post and let me know what you think about 5k Formula System. Thanks for dropping by to read my “$5k Formula System Review”.

$5k Formula System Review - Scam from Matthew Neer

$5k Formula System Review - Scam from Matthew Neer



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84 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    I’m also a firm believer that nothing in this world is truly free, and this program would be an instant red flag for me. It’s a shame the amount of scams there are out there with countless people just tying to get their hands in your pocket! Thanks for taking the time to review this program and reveal it for the scam it is!

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Tyler,

      Indeed, it does look like a scam to me. The bad apples are ruining the market and that is why people are skeptical about real and legit affiliate marketing programs. That is true that there are still people falling on the traps. The main cause is those scammers overpromise their rewards on their advertisements and introductory videos – showing cash, fancy cars, and mansions.

      I still don’t believe there is free lunch in this world. One has to pay real effort and invest time to build a strong foundation (website) to generate passive income online.



  2. Elma says:

    The Review about Formula System is like the scams that I find all over the internet. I think that promoting their articles is their idea, and I don’t think there are much money for me in it, just a lot of work. At Wealthy Affiliate, I can learn how to make my website and go from there. And you don´t have to bee an affiliate, you can have your niche. I like your review.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Elma,

      I couldn’t agree more with you. These scams do sound attractive when you first watch the promotional videos. They overpromise the rewards and they make it sound so easy to earn money with their “formula”. Nothing comes free in this world.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most recommended programs in the market because of its success in creating a significant number of bloggers that earn lucrative incomes. I am one of the members of WA and I have to say nothing else in the market can beat WA. It is definitely my #1 recommendation to those who want to start earning money online.



  3. Bryan says:


    You’ve written a comprehensive review of this product that will keep me on my guard if I see this product come up. I imagine that a lot of people will probably jump at this “opportunity” which is unfortunate.

    Thank you for giving people a way to create their own business instead of just driving leads to someone else’s business. If you compare Owning a business that promotes products vs. Joining someone else’s business to promote their product, owning your own business is always the winner.


    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Bryan,

      Thanks for giving it a read. I am glad my article helps.

      You have made a very good point here. Promoting products on your own sites is much better than promoting someone else’s business. At least with you running your own website, you have a full control on it.

      Generating income from a blog page is not difficult. With proper knowledge and techniques, one can easily set up a website in less than a day and get it indexed on Google in less than a week. Of course, you must have a bunch of gurus and tips to shorten the time frame. I got all these under one roof – Wealthy Affiliate. It is now free to join as membership and you can sign it up here.



  4. vhuynh01 says:

    Really nice review. Your article and very clear about the lie within the $5k Formula System. The article was short, straight to the point, and convincing. Many people will save a lot of time and money from your article. By the way, your website is very amazing, it’s look like a world-class website. I wish you the best of luck =).

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks for your compliment.

      Normally, if a product is not worth a high score, I will outline the pros and cons and keep the review as short as possible. I just want to save people’s time from going through the same path I had in the past. I have been scammed a few times and I learned from my mistakes. There is not much honest affiliate marketing product review in the market. I hope I can help more people from being cheated.

      Anyway, thanks for giving it a read.



  5. adam says:

    Hi there,
    thanks for the review and advice on the 5k formula system. Seem like another of the many scams online. I think you exposed them right at the start with there claims of making money on auto pilot for free. Nothing is for free and to be successful at anything you have to put in time and effort. Many of the scams online make similar claims and many people fall for it, hopefully site like yours will prevent it form happening to others. Keep up the good work.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Adam,

      It does look like a scam, isn’t it? I don’t trust this program at all. Don’t waste your time and money on this program. If you really want to look for something legit, there are other programs out there for you.



  6. CarlM says:

    WOW….just another one of those so called schemes that lure the poor unsuspecting individual with false promises and unrealistic earnings. Its sites like this that give people some hope of finding a legitimate and ethical opportunity to get their teeth stuck into and at the same time help others!

    Really glad I got the opportunity to read this….

    • Alex Y says:

      I am glad it helps.

      Sites showing cars, money and mansions like $5k Formula System and Rich Jerk are normally scammers. They attract potentials buyers by showing all these over-promised rewards because they do not have real stuff to offer. Avoid those scams if possible. Don’t waste your money and time.



  7. Dan says:

    Hi Alex, great post!

    The pivotal statement of the article is:

    ‘Since you are going to invest your time, effort and money on driving traffic to somebody’s pocket. Why not doing all these for your own? You could actually build your own website, and turn traffic into passive income.’

    I can say for certain that Wealthy Affiliate is a great alternative. Yes you have to put in the work, but you will ultimately reap the rewards, which is much better than throwing money away as you would with this ‘5k’ nonsense.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for giving it a read. I do hope you find it useful.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most popular program so far in the market as it has proven records in creating successful bloggers.

      In short, avoid 5k Formula System and go for someone real and legit – #1 Recommendation.


  8. Chris says:

    I got quite excited when I read your first few lines claiming that this was all the buzz but then I scrolled down to your overall score – no so hot eh?
    I must say that the advert that promises $5000 on autopilot seems a little dodgy at best. Thanks for highlighting this one – I’ll definitely stay away from it!

  9. Natia Sawyer says:

    I like the overall layout of your website. It is very appealing. The introduction to your website of exposing online scams really grabbed my attention, because it is something I can relate to. I was scammed a couple of times. Your content pointed out some very important factors of how to be financially successful; like blogging, not spending money that isn’t necessary and of course Wealthy Affiliate. I enjoyed reading the information on your site. It was very useful. Great job.

  10. Sonia says:

    Hi Alex,
    The first thing that caught my eyes is that you will make money on an autopilot and for free! If it was so easy to make money online, everybody would be rich and poverty would be non-existent!

    The only person who is going to make money with the 5k formula system is Matthew Neer, and when he will have made enough money he will move on to another scam, and if you invested your money and time, you will be left hanging!

    Well, basically you have to buy the Traffic-related bonus at $19.95 in order to get commissions? But what do you get for 19.95$?



    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Sonia,

      Matthew Neer gets the product a very catchy name here. 5k Formula System. I’ll admit, the title of this product also got my attention. I couldn’t agree more with you, the only guy that will make lots of money out from his Formula is Matthew Neer and not you! Why waste your time to earn money for someone else than for yourself, right?

      To be honest, all these upsells and down sells are basically tools to get your bit of commission and how he makes his fortune. What do I get from $19.95? A piece of crap.



  11. John Rico says:

    Hi there! I am just new in online marketing, and I am really eager to have more traffic. I have heard that you need to continuously build a good content into your website, and the traffic will follow. But I am already tired of waiting. So is $5k formula system not worth the try?

  12. Alfonso says:

    great review, this seems to be the way people are scamming others into thinking they can start an online business. I almost purchased one of these programs myself, you have to admit they make it truly enticing especially for someone who doesnt have any online business experience. thank god I didn’t buy it cause I would not only be angry but out a good amount money. great site keep up the good work.

    • Alex Y says:

      It is an unfortunate to have bad apples in the market that ruins the reputation of the legit ones. There are other good programs out there that help people to earn great revenue via their own websites, but those programs are categorized as “scams” due to this phenomena.

  13. Raymundo says:

    That is scary! I get hugely disappointed…or rather feel disgusted when anyone initially says the service is free, then a credit card page pops up later on. I feel sorry for whoever falls for it.

    Really, I would never pay $495 licence fees before I see my income come in first!

    • Alex Y says:

      In fact, I was once attracted with the name $5k Formula System until I saw how Matthew Neer shows off the cash on the dashboard of the car and sexy ladies with beers in their hands. The more I dug into it, the more defects I found. Hope this article helps.

  14. netp says:

    informative review thanks – I’ve been reading about this system recently and I’m not surprised to see more bad news here. I can’t stand upsells either and it looks expensive – such a shame people are sucked into these things. I totally agree, it’s better to work hard from the ground up, creating your own business and filling your own pockets first! I for sure won’t be signing up to this 5k system.

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks for giving it a read. It better to work hard on things that you are in full control with. For instance, if you are running your own blog, you will be the one determining how much passive income you want to generate. Spending money on some products that do not promise a return is risky. It is a waste of time to me.

  15. David says:

    Another ‘Earn money fast without doing anything’ system designed to empty pockets of naive people… I didn’t know this one but it’s obviously a scam. The owner lies when he says that his system is completely free.. People must understand that making money online is just like making money in the real world… it requires work and persistence.. otherwise you’re likely to LOSE money online!

    • Alex Y says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you David. I hate the fact that it is full of lies. It is definitely not free to make money online and it is definitely not $5k Formula System. Most of these products come and disappear after a while. The same owners will then make a come back after a short period of time with different products, but with the same scam system.

      I still trust Wealthy Affiliate after all. It is at least working perfectly fine for me. I am amazed by their proven methods and tools. You can read more on #1 Recommendation.

  16. conformancefugitive.com says:

    Thank you for the honest review… I hate when systems like this aren’t honest and upfront about their prices from the beginning – they suck you in with low prices, and then bombard you with upsells you need to purchase in order to actually earn the amount they advertised from the beginning!!
    It’s sneaky and dishonest if you ask me!!
    I almost got involved in a system like this a while ago, but thankfully found reviews like yours warning me against it before I lost a silly amount of money to it!!
    Thank you for sharing!!

    • Alex Y says:

      I am glad it helps!

      A lot of people do not learn from their mistakes. I strongly advise people to avoid companies that put up a facade of being a “legit affiliate” company in this industry. There too many scams ou there where their products are to promote the products itself. Consider learning how to build a strong business online. You could accomplish this through a great education platforms like Wealthy Affiliate (you can start learning for free here)



  17. LakanDula says:

    Good job exposing the scam. I’m glad I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, which offers much better from the sounds it, much much better than what this 5k program offers. It is too good to be true, nobody is going to make $5,000 on auto-pilot mode, and if they are – I’m pretty sure they’re doing it through illegal activity.

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks. I am glad too that you chose the right program for your website. I hope you have been following through the training and managed to boost your traffic? Forget about $5k Formula System. WA is definitely more reliable than the product from Matthew Neer.

  18. Jess says:

    Great review of the “$5k Formula System”! It sounds like they don’t even offer products, just selling a pyramid scheme. It is sad that people will actually sign up for the program and scam their friends unintentionally by trying to get them to sign up too. I was drawn into some “too good to be true” scams myself. And it really decreased my confidence in myself that I could start a legitimate business online. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and I am so glad I found the community. It has really helped my confidence bounce back and I am moving forward quickly with building my business online.

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks, Jess. I am glad you came. To my surprise, there are quite a number of people have signed up for the program. Unfortunately, a lot of them gave it up. I am happy to hear that you chose WA instead! Wise choice!

  19. Simone says:

    I am part of a few work from home groups online and several people have been posting about the 5K formula system and saying pretty much anyone can make money with this and you do not have to dish out any of your own money.

    I thought it sounded to good to be true so I decided to do my own research. Your review of this program makes me glad that I went with my gut instinct and did not join.

    I guess the people in these groups that are promoting this are doing so in order to make money. It sounds like the more people they can get to join the more money they make.

    I am not interested in this, although I would like to start a real business from home at some point.

    • Alex Y says:

      Simone, I am happy that my article helps. You will find a lot of articles on the internet promoting $5k Formula System (although it is bad) because it is part of their strategy. They recruit members to advertise the product for free! Who actually will be the one earning the $5k? The answer is obvious!

  20. Jessica says:

    Hi Alex,

    This reminds me of the very old snail mail scams they use to have. You would see an ad in the paper or on a bulletin board saying you could make money at home and get all the secrets for $20. But those “secrets” was just to get templates for ads in papers and fliers so you could send those out asking people to send $20 to some PO Box and you would supposedly get a percentage of that cut. We may not use snail mail that much anymore, but the scams sure haven’t changed.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Jessica,

      I have just learned something new today! I didn’t know the traditional snail mail scam works similarly like 5k Formula System! I guess this is an advanced version where it manages to reach out to more than three billion Internet user in the world. Can you imagine how much it makes from selling nothing but the program itself?



  21. Riaz Shah says:

    Great review Alex,
    I’ve always been curious on this program, fortunately I found your post just in the nick of time! I was really doubtful of the viability of this program too, especially since they write $5k so early before we even know what kind of program it is. It seems to me that they are using money as a hook to trick people into buying this scam but thanks to your review, I now just dodged a bullet. Cheers mate, keep on writing those reviews!

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks Riaz,

      I am glad my article here helps. It is indeed part of their marketing strategy to recruit members to help to promote their 5k Formula System. No product involved but their system. It’s Matthew Neer who will be gaining most of the profits and not its members.

      Do come back for more.


  22. Robert Manly says:

    Hello Alex, Thanks for the opportunity to comment upon your page. the page was laid out nicely but the review I found was a little confusing and I got “lost a couple of times as to whether you were promoting it or not until when quite deep into it ,when you revealed your ethics and standards and the overall picture became clear to me.
    Saying this though takes away the fact that it was a good lead in to promoting WA and creating your legitimacy as to being an authority about this. Everything else was crispy perfect.
    Fabulous Website overall and it drew me into looking at all of your website which I can only claim to be flawless.. Just brilliant.
    Best Regards

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Robert. I am neutral here whereby I am not promoting for any products except for Wealthy Affiliate. This is purely just a review on 5k Formula System by Matthew Neer.

      I encourage people to engage with WA because I trust this product. I am using it and the methods from WA works for me. Because of WA, I managed to set up my website and earn my income from this site. That is why I recommend people to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate if he or she is looking for an opportunity to start online business and work from home.

      Thanks for your compliments and I hope you could come back for more. I will update my site often.



  23. Pete says:

    Another so-called “automated” system by Matthew Neer. I’d say that the oddest part about it all is the $5.95 price tag. So of course, one should be expecting upsells here. That’s where they get you. The simple tagline “Makes me $5,000 on 100% autopilot free,” is already a big red flag. If it’s not believable, then don’t buy into it. I’ve learned my lesson once and these “get rich quick” schemes never ever work.

    Good job finding out those upsells within 5k Formula. You really dug deep in your research and the one I find stands out the most is the $97 “Secrets of the millionaires video series.” If I had to bet, I would say it’s nothing more than a bunch of gurus vaguely explaining how they made money online followed by them showing off some fancy houses or cars!

  24. Anh Nguyen says:


    Since I saw the price, I was a little wary because the programs that comes in low price usually also have a high upsell that comes with it. And I have to say I do not like upsells at all.

    As I learn more about building an online business, I come to believe there are really no secret to insstant wealth as Matthew mentioned, if there is, it’s probably being used by many.

    This doesn’t seem like a good program to learn about making money online to me. What are your recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

  25. Michel says:

    As the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true then it is. After all why build someone else’s business when you can rather spend your precious time building your own business.

    I have wasted time in the past on models such as this one and it usually only lasted a short while before you had to go out and look for the next best thing.

    If 5K Formula closes down tomorrow then where does that leave all their affiliates?

    • Alex Y says:

      You got the point here. Why spending your time to build an empire for someone else, while you could do the same to yours? That is why I encourage people to consider building their own online business. I previously blogged Why Should I Seriously Consider Running a Blog? and I outlined a few reasons why one should consider writing their blogs to earn money online.

      If one day 5k Formula System closes down, I do hope the affiliates look for something legit like what I always recommend to the readers – #1 Recommendation.

  26. Richard says:

    Very interesting review of this system. I really had not heard about this program before, but it sounds so similar to the many other get rich type scams out there.

    As you say, people may be able to make money from this, but I really dislike these kinds of MLM systems. They claim to be so easy, but as you talk about any online business requires real work. Also, using sales pages that are made up by someone else is always a very bad idea.

    Thanks for helping folks to be informed about this scheme, Cheers Richard

    • Alex Y says:

      It does sound fishy and there are several similar types of scams like 5k Formula System.

      I do hope people share this post as much as possible to keep them away from this program.

  27. Cephas says:

    You mentioned that $5k Formula System Review – Scam from Matthew Neer allows you to promote the product without a website. I am just wondering if they really have the interest of their affiliates at heart. It’s like they are not far sighted. No wonder you call get rich quick system. Good you did a review like this.

    • Alex Y says:

      I personally think this program will only stay in the market for awhile and it will disappear after sucking money from all the Internet victims. Please share with your friends so that they are not falling into their trap.

  28. Michel says:

    Thanks for the warning.

    We see so many of these sorts of systems come and go and I think the only real winners here are the website owners.

    The best way as you put it is to go out and build your own business online and one of the best ways for lasting success is to have your own website.

  29. Nancy Boey says:

    Well, you have captured my interest on the subject from the word GO. There are so many websites out there that claim to offer sound advise but not one of them comes close when you put your site next to it. The website is very clear and extremely well structures, I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you so much.

    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks Nancy for your compliment. I am happy to know my effort has paid off. I spent many hours every day researching online products and keep my readers informed. I hope you like the rest of the articles here too. Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts in near future.

  30. Xin Zhang says:

    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for producing this review. I had never heard of the $5K Formula System before but I am now aware of the scam. It is always amazing to me to hear of internet businesses that are promoted as “Do nothing and earn a lot”. I think this should always raise a red flag.

    For an online business, as with most things in life you get out of it what you put into it. I believe that those who tell you otherwise, just want to take your money. What do you think Alex?

    Hopefully, you prevent some people from falling for this scam.

    Thanks for posting.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Xin,

      You definitely got it right. There is no free lunch in this world. If you can get rich by paying a small amount of money by just sitting at home, everyone is rich by now and there will not be any poverty issues anymore. People are greedy. That is the main reason why there are so many cyber scams out there in the market. It is why I am creating this site to educate people and to keep people away from falling into the trap.
      Thanks for dropping by Xin.


  31. Sundar says:

    Thank God I did not joined this one. I was willing to join one of the affiliate marketing institute in the recent times. I also came across this $5k formula system and read all those useless pages and thought of doing a bit of research to find it its is a scam. Fortunately I came across your site and now i am sure that it is a complete scam.

  32. tony says:

    This is a great site very well written and advertised and lots of good pictures. And we all know we are more visual then we are a reader sometimes so great job. I like the colors and the layout, content is great trust worthy site for all to go to. a lot of work went into this.

  33. Neil says:

    I really do hate the sound of “FREE AUTOPILOT” systems because to me, they instantly raise red flags!

    Thanks for walking me through the 5K formula system, and this is one scam I will definitely avoid because there is no such thing as easy money!

    This is an affiliate marketing system that would attract lazy people, so this is definitely a big NO!

    Wealthy Affiliate sure sounds interesting and will look in to your link.


    • Alex Y says:

      I don’t think it is a proper affiliate marketing program and it should be avoided for sure. I normally don’t trust programs that claim they can make money in auto-pilot mode or at least non-legit way. Generating revenue through affiliate marketing – e.g. advertising Amazon products on the website or making product reviews can be considered as a legit auto-pilot method as you need to first build a strong and solid website, build trust, engage audiences and grow traffic organically. Once your website is matured, it will make money even when you are not working on it.

  34. Gabriel says:

    Anything that offer “free” money has got a bad side of it.

    It’s simple, it’s impossible to make money without working, that’s it! Unless you win the lottery…

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on this site, by the looks of it it doesn’t only have upsells to it, but if you wanna advertise it, you will need some investments with things like AdWords, to make your site or affiliate link go through as many people as possible…

    • Alex Y says:

      Well said Gabriel. I like how you put it. Good stuff does not come free and free stuff always got a bad side of it.

      It is just a typical tactic to scam people’s hard earned money. A very convincing video with cash, cars, and houses. I have seen some even show some sexy pretty ladies walking around like the Rich Jerk promotional video. That makes me sick!

  35. Boyo says:

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the heads up on this system. It’s not something that I have come across before BUT I probably would have been tempted to sign up. Probably because of the low price initially.I’m guessing that they aren’t too upfront at the outset as to what up-sells will be required.
    I see in a previous comment you replied to you recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Does it really work for someone looking to make money online?

    • Alex Y says:

      First of all, 5k Formula System is a scam and I recommend people to stay away from it.

      There are many ways to make money online LEGITIMATELY.

      1. Earn pocket money through survey panels (Toluna, Vivatic, Global Test Market and Opinion Outpost )

      2. Product reviews and promote products on your blogs. From there, make commissions when people buy the products through your site. This is what we call affiliate marketing.

      Wealthy Affiliate, it is an online platform that teaches people how to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing. It first teaches you to build a strong website, choosing the right niche (topic), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods to increase traffic and generate sales.

      Affiliate Marketing can be complicated without a proper guidance and blueprint. What Wealthy Affiliate does, is to provide you a step-by-step guidance to build your online business. I learned mine through WA and it is has a proven blueprint. Most importantly, it is LEGITIMATE and it works!

      Read this post if you are interested. Remember to drop me a message if you have more questions.

  36. Tina Adams says:

    Wow, I would not want to join with Matthew Neer after reading this article. It certainly doesn’t sound like a very good program to get involved with. Does Amazon have any caps on earning per day and such? And would I have to get involved with dropshipping? I would like to know what kinds of products that you sell, if you wouldn’t mind.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Tina,

      Amazon does not have any caps on earning per day as far as I know. One good thing about Amazon is you do not have to get involved with drop shipping.

      I sell my services by working along with people on affiliate marketing. Readers can sign up for my email course and I offer guides on building websites and how to monetize websites. I also promote NameCheap and Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate marketers.

      That is how I basically monetize my site.



  37. Gloria says:

    I would not purchase this. It has too many red flags. The promises are too good to be true. And then the famous upsells. I just wish there was a way to stop scammers on the internet.Can you imagine if a store in your neighborhood sold stuff like this.They wouldn’t be in business for very long. The problem with the internet is once people figure out they are a scam , they just change the website name and build a new product that is just as bad.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Gloria, you are right about it. Most scams on the internet repackage and rebrand themselves after sometimes (especially when their real identities are discovered). There are many scams like this one from Matthew Neer out there. Due to this, people are often skeptical about the legitimate programs. Well, I hope my site brings valuable information to those who are new to cyber scams.

  38. Tebatso Kekana says:

    Thank you for this awesome and way informative review article Alex! Is it really possible to make $5K a month online?

    Taking charge and running an online business can really be tough and almost impossible thing to do as there are many promising scams out there. I definitely recommend this article to anybody who is having a touch time figuring out which money making programs work and which ones don’t, Thanks again Alex!

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Tebatso, with $5k Formula System, it is not possible to make $5k a month online.

      Running your own online business is not difficult at all if you know what to do. There are several things you need to know to start an online business.

      Most importantly, you need to have the right expectation, starting an online business will not make you rich overnight. Just like anything else in this market, nothing can turn you into a millionaire in three days time. Focus and have a right business model will definitely allow you to quit your nine-to-five job.

      If you want to know more how I monetize my site here, you can sign up for my free email course.


  39. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there Alex,

    That program by MR Neer sounds like a proper scam, almost like a internet franchise system where you have to buy the product before you get the rights to sell it.

    looks like a sure-win game for Mr Neer as you buy the product he makes money regardless of how well you do or dont do, and are starting off on a lose footing as you initially lose money in your initial purchase of teh product for teh resale rights

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Derek,

      It is a scam. You will not learn how to make money from Matthew Neer, but you will only make him rich. This scam is quite common on the internet. This product is aimed to steal money from those who are eager to be rich overnight. So, avoid it!

  40. Chris says:

    It’s no secret that one of the most powerful tools online for earning money is a well crafted sales funnel and I’ve heard this is what the maker of this program was centering on. Problem is that these types of things are rarely free like they advertise – I mean, why would they be if they were that good? It;s nice to see you’ve covered the dodgy upsells this program relies on

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Chris,

      Indeed, the most powerful money generator, no doubt, is sales funnel like $5k Formula System. It cannot be given for free as they need your money to sustain the business model. There is no way for this kind of program to go free like what they claim in most of their ads.


  41. Neil says:

    The $5K Formula System sounds very simliar to a product sold by the Empower Network scam when I was unfortunately a member!

    It really makes me furious when I see programs of this nature that make it sound so quick and simple to make large sums of money. When it’s the not the case in the real world.

    I also hate it how the $5K Formula System hooks people on the very low cost and then offers a few more high-priced upsell products. It’s OK if people have the money to invest, but they still need to earn that money back so they’re not at a loss.

    Thank You for your honest review, but this is a system I will not be joining any time soon!


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Neil,

      I am sorry to hear you were a member of Empower Network. I heard about it and I reviewed this product too. Unfortunately, it was a scam too.

      I hope you learned from your mistake and do not believe in these doggy programs anymore.


  42. Sandy says:

    Thanks for reviewing the 5K Formula System. It really seem like website that can’t be trusted. If they say it’s free and it isn’t, that already ring the warning bell. I also hate upsells. When you think you’re getting something good, then you learn that it isn’t and you must pay more to really get what you wanted. Have you been successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Sandy, Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite program. I am happy with their training courses. They are well customized and the blueprints work. Most importantly, they have the most updated SEO techniques. Simply love WA.

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