55 Best and Real Ways to Make Money From Home

With job postings still scarce, job security dissipating, and wages seemingly stagnant at best, many people are trying to establish some security by creating multiple streams of income, especially through the internet. Most of us know the internet is full of “make money at home” scams, so we’ve scoured through thousands of different ideas to find you a list of the Best and Real Ways to Make Money From Home.


What Are the Best and Real Ways to Make Money From Home?

#1 Build websites

Can you design websites? So why don’t you use that skill to earn money? You don’t need to know HTML. You can build websites within minutes these days. You can use WordPress, Godaddy website builder or NameCheap’s onepager. After you built your website,you need to find your customers.you can find your customers on warrior forum,wicked forum or you can sell it on Flippa.Build your website today for free!

#2 Affiliate Marketing

You must have your own website or blog up. You cannot survive long term if you don’t have your own website or blog. On your website you can place your affiliate links in suitable place, if you readers buy products through your affiliate link, you get the commission. Simple as that. Affiliate marketing is harder but it’s lucrative. There are over 10000 affiliate programs are available on the internet.

1. Amazon – Can be a good option because you get paid no matter what the person buys on Amazon within 24 hours (not just what you referred them to).

2. Clickbank

3. Skimlinks (but it pays out based on actual sales made. So it’s not a per-click basis, but does display ads automatically based on the content of your site.).

4. Linkshare

5. Commission Junction (www.cj.com)

6. eBay

7. Avantlink.com

8. Google Affiliate network (different than standard Google Adsense).

9. PepperjamNetwork

55 Best and Real Ways to Make Money From Home

#3 Read E-mails to get paid

You can get paid for reading emails. Daily, you receive paid emails in your inbox, these email will have links to different websites, so you have to click the links and view that website for a few seconds. This method will not give you lot of cash but something is better than nothing!!!

#4 Paid Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. But there are lots of scams out there so it’s hard to find legitimate surveys. If you can find a legitimate survey website, you can join and earn money. But remember you cannot get rich by doing paid surveys but consider as pocket money.

#5 Completing offers in GPT sites

This method is easy and quick way to earn money by doing free offers in GPT sites (Get Paid To) .these sites pay its members for doing variety of things.

You rewarded for doing things that you normally do in online such as signing up for freebies, registering with fascinating sites, shopping and visiting different websites, etc. GPT sites are like a middle man, they get paid from advertisers to drive leads (you) to their site. Then GPA sites will give a percentage of cash to its members.

#6 Joining to new Social media sites to get paid

Social networking sites are becoming more popular, so a lot of people starting their own social networking sites and making money from their own social networking sites. But since they need some members to get the word out and make the site look active, they are willing to pay people to become members and post messages.

#7 CPA Marketing

CPA or Cost per Action is a much easier version of affiliate marketing. As long as the person you send to the merchant’s site takes a specific action required by the merchant, such as signing up for their newsletter, opting for email updates, taking a poll or whatever else, you earn your commission.

In most cases, you don’t even have to generate a sale to get a commission. And that what makes CPA marketing attractive and very lucrative, the fact that people don’t have to spend money for you to make money. It’s a lot easier to get people to opt for free things than reaching out for their credit cards!

#8 Selling your own Craft /Art Work

Sell your own craft/artworks on your site, Amazon, eBay or craigslist. Turn your free time into money!


#9 Make money with Café press

Use café press to earn money. You can put up a virtual store and drive traffic to your shop. You can sell many items on café press, you don’t need to worry about shipping and other “stuff” café press will take care on your behalf.

#10 Online Money Conversion

Money exchangers charge a higher fee when converting currencies. In order to do that, you need to have a store front, and you need to do lots of paperwork, invest some money and so on.

Fortunately, you can do the same work online without having to deal with all the hassles and extras that comes with offline currency exchange. All you need is a simple website and you are ready to get up to 5% and even more for converting E-gold to PayPal and vice versa. Get a free website today!

#11 Software re-engineering

If you have programming knowledge and expertise to improve functionalities and the performance of the already developed software, you can turn your knowledge into money.

#12 Job referring

You can earn commissions to refer jobs. You can expect $1000 for a reference. Everyone one finding jobs and these days finding a job is a nightmare by doing so you earn the commission they people have their jobs, pretty sweet, isn’t it?

#13 Do Commenting Service for Bloggers

Bloggers are very busy so they don’t have sufficient time to do the blog comments. In order to get higher search engine ranking your site must have backlinks from reputable websites or blogs. That is the reason bloggers pays you to do blog commenting behalf of them. Go to internet marketing forums(i:e Warrior forums) and put a ad on your blog commenting service then you will find your customers also you can register in Fiverr to offer your blog commenting service, so you can find more customers.

#14 Build your own search Engine

Try to build your own search engine. If you get high traffic you can generate income through ads. You can setup contests to encourage people to search through your search engine and give prizes for people who searched highest amount of keywords. But I know my dear friends this is sounds crazy but it’s worth to do so.

#15 Paid Game Tester

Paid game testing is fun way of making money online, but unfortunately finding legitimate companies to work for is like a nightmare. There are Lots of scams in this industry, so you have to do a thorough research unless you don’t want to be gamed yourself.

I have been searching for a long time, but to be honest, I have never come across any legit paid game testing site. Although, I haven’t been looking hard either. But if I do find one, I will update this page with the new information. So, be sure to bookmark this page and check back.

#16 Sell your skills on Fiverr

Fiverr.com is one of the fastest growing micro freelancing sites which has attracted lots of attention recently, due to the fact that thousands of people are using it to really make a living charging a mere $5 for a variety of services and products.

Simply register for free and create a gig offering people any kind of service. Whether it’s writing a story for them, article writing, or whatever else, people pay you to do these things for them on Fiverr.

#17 Get paid to Document Translation

If you speak a second language, you can use it to make money. Use classified ads sites and freelancing sites to find clients.

#18 Do Paid Forum Posting

Building online forums can make you lot of money, but new forums have hard time attracting members. People are most likely to join your forum if your forum already have many active members. So forums (paid forums) pay new members to each of their new post, as a paid forum poster, you get paid for every new thread and post you participate in. On average you can earn $0.25 per post.

#19 Become a Member of Revenue Sharing Forums

If you like participating in forums or are already a member of any forum, look for “Ad Share” sign in your user CP. Some forums offer what is called “Ad Share” program where they share the revenue earned from ads displayed on the forum, with their members. And if you already spend time on a forum that does offer Ad Share, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to make a few dollars.

#20 Develop Software

Know how to make a software? Then start developing software and plug-ins. One of the hottest plug-in markets is the blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Use forums to find out what bloggers need that you can make a plug-in for. Create your plug-in or software and set up a free blog to advertise it.

#21 Do Data Entry

Not the scam one, we are talking about legitimate data entry for Google. Google pays people to take photos of businesses, and enter basic data such as hours of operation,etc.

#22 Build Your Own Forum

Forums are some of the most visited kind of sites. As human, we are social animals and that applies even in the cyber space. For a smart entrepreneur, that means opportunity!

You always liked talking about politics and making your 2 cents heard about what’s happening in the political world, why not translate that passion into an online business! Create a forum around politics or whatever topic excites you.

Get people to join your forum by promoting it on other forums you participate in and also by posting controversial and attention grabbing posts. Once you start to receive some decent amount of traffic, monetize the space with related ads.

You can also do what many successful forums do, create an especial section on the forum where in order to get in, regular members have to pay a small fee. An example of that would be the WarRoom section of the famous WarriorForum, which only paid members have access to.

#23 Answer Questions

Each one of us is an expert on something, and that means you too are an expert on something! Find that “something” and use your knowledge about it to offer answers and advice to people who are not familiar with the subject, on paid to answer sites.

#24 Review Software

Websites like “Software Judge” will pay you for using and reviewing any of the software available in their collection. Write honest and detailed reviews and you increase your earning potential.

#25 Amazon Mechanical Turk

It’s one of the biggest micro freelancing sites on the planet and it allows millions of people around the world to earn additional cash doing simple and sometimes rather strange tasks that cannot be done by machines and computers. Tasks such as differentiating pictures from text, rewriting a sentence, pointing out difference in 2 seemingly identical images, transcribing audio files, liking someone on Facebook or following them on twitter and so on.

However, the reality is that most tasks don’t pay much, so don’t expect to quit your day job. Nonetheless, MTurk is a good option for those looking to grow their bank account (or PayPal in this case!) whenever there are a few hours to kill.

#26 Create and Sell E-Books

You can make e-books about anything. It’s not as hard as you think. Look at some e-books that are selling for $50 -$100 or even more, and you see what I mean (most of them are crap, but people do pay for them!).

Got tasty recipes that you have learned from your grand ma!? Turn all that knowledge into a mouth-watering e-book with step by step guide on how to make those recipes. The best part is that it won’t cost you a penny. That’s right, you can write and create an e-book for free!

#27 Domain Drop Shipping

It’s basically selling domain registration for big domain registration sites like TuCows, which makes it easy for you to start your own private label domain registration. You get compensated not only for the initial sale, but for renewals thereafter as well

#28 Participate In Paid Focus Groups

Focus groups are basically the same as paid surveys, but unlike paid surveys most focus groups are conducted in a physical location. Focus group studies are held in most major cities.

You will be in with a group of other selected people, discussing and answering questions about whatever product or service the study is about. You can expect to make between $60 to $250 for an hour to a full day of study.

#29 Start a Pod Cast

Think of it as voice or video blogging. Use free services like Odiogo.com to turn your blog into a podcast! Talk about interesting topics that will draw in lots of audiences.

Once you have established yourself and have a decent size audience, monetize your podcast with ads. It’s a joyful and really fun way of turning a passion into a profitable web-based business

#30 Blogging

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular. You can set up a blog in less than an hour. Go daddy website Builder makes easier for beginner bloggers to create their own blog. Within several clicks website is ready to launch! There are many free blogging platforms (I do Not recommend) you can use at first. When you get comfortable, then pay for your own hosting and domain name.

You can blog about anything you like, your weight loss plan, Examination Tips, How to make money online, Business Tips and etc. how much you hate paying taxes and everything else in between. No matter how bizarre and unusual your blog is, there is always an audience for it.

You can monetize your blog to generate revenue by displaying Ad sense ads, selling affiliate products, selling your own stuff, selling advertising space and etc.

However, contrary to popular belief, becoming a pro blogger and making a living as such, takes lots of work and time. You have to be patient and willing to put a lot of time and effort into it.

#31 Install Applications

Most People have problems with installing different kinds of applications. If you are good at installing a particular app or a software, why not earn some extra money while helping others!

#32 Host Forums online

Use software like SebFlipper to host hundreds of separate forums from a single web server. Then charge people who are looking for a good host for their forum, to host their forum for them, or you could offer free hosting, but under one condition, you get to show your own ads (for example Ad sense, affiliate products or what have you) on their forums.

#33 Work as a Virtual Assistant

As more online based businesses are born every day, the demand for virtual assistants is growing as well. People use a virtual assistant for research, finding things, doing time-consuming tasks, making phone calls and etc.

Again, you can use webmaster related forums and/or forums that online business owners hang out at and out an ad in the classified section. I have seen so many people make a living (and they still do) by using this simple strategy.

#34 Making Photo Mosaics

If you can make photo mosaics, set up a website and offer your Photo Mosaics service. You will be surprised how many people pay for these things.

#35 Build a Niche Directory

You have seen those directory sites that have a list of specific sites in different categories. Set up one for yourself. Gather a list of sites and sources related to a specific niche and list them on your site.

Sell ad space to other webmasters to generate revenue. You can charge a monthly fee to have their ads shown on your site. BuySellAds.com is a good place to look for potential customers.

#36 Do Directory Submission

In order for a website or blog to be successful and generate revenue, it needs traffic. There are many ways to work on traffic. One way is to submit your site to website directories which is very tedious and time-consuming. That is why many webmaster and blogger who are busy with other aspects of running their online business, hire people to do it for them.

That’s where you can come in and offer to submit their sites to directories for a fee. Use forums like SitePoints and DigitalPoint to offer your service to webmasters.

#37 Make Videos

With the huge interest in videos online, there is always room for more. Create interesting videos of yourself or whatever and upload them to sites like Revver and Break. They will share a percentage of their ad revenue with you. Plus, you get something for each download as well.

#38 Take Advantage of YouTube

There are many ways to use YouTube as a money-making platform. For example, you can create product review videos, place your affiliate link in the video and earn commission for every sale that is generated by your link.

#39 Making Myspace Backgrounds

They are all over the Internet, those ads for MySpace background! And that means only one thing, there is still a market for MySpace backgrounds! Creating MySpace backgrounds isn’t that hardBut most users don’t have the time to do it or are simply lazy.You can provide them with this service and customize their MySpace page

#40 Make Digital Scrap Booking Templates

I personally don’t get this, but many people love to scrapbook, and they do pay handsomely for templates. Make different kinds of templates and make it easy for people to use them.

#41 Design T-Shirts and Other Customizable Items

If you are good at coming up with catchy phrases and cool designs, you can make a decent living by designing and selling T-shirts on sites like CaféPress.

You don’t have to spend a dime on stocking products, printing designs, shipping, payment processing, and returns. It’s all done for you by CafePress. All you have to do is sign up for free, create and upload coll designs, drive potential buyers to your page and earn yourself some moolah.

#42 Flipp Website and Domain

It’s Just like flipping houses! Buy good domains and resell for a profit. Build a website or a blog, work on it for a while and once you got it to a stable point, let it go for a nice chunk of change. People like websites that are ready to go, and they do shell out handsomely. Hundreds of websites are bought and sold every day on sites like Flippa.com.

#43 Logo Designing

Hundreds of new websites and blogs are born every day. Most of them will need a logo, but not every site owner knows how to make a logo. If you have some design talent, you can create a small business out of it, offering custom logo creations on webmaster related forums and classified ads sites. Don’t have a professional software? Use free imaging tools such as PhotoFilter to make stunning logos.

#44 Make Money with Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most visited websites on the planet and that creates an opportunity like no other for anyone who is creative and not afraid of taking action. The easiest way to make a buck with Craigslist is to simply pick free times in the “free” section and sell them right back on CL for a profit.

For example, there are always tables, chairs, beds and all kinds of wood works that people are giving way free, you just have to go pick them up, freshen them up a bit, perhaps put a fresh new coat of paint on them and you have yourself a piece that’s worth some cold hard cash

#45 Sell your products on eBay

Almost everyone knows the potential of becoming an eBay seller and you are probably tired of hearing about it. But the truth of the matter is that eBay is a really good online business opportunity.

The best part about launching an eBay store is that you don’t really need to invest financially to get started. Start by gathering your unused stuff around the house, clean them up, take a few nice photos and list them on eBay. No matter how much money you end up making selling your unwanted stuff on eBay, it’s still better than letting them dust in your garage!

Once you get the hang of it, you can do the same for your neighbors, friends and family members for a small fee. And if you really want to scale it up, find out what are the hot selling items on eBay, find a wholesaler, buy them in bulk which comes out way cheaper, then sell them individually for a profit.

#46 Make money for Searching!

Search engines are big money makers. No wonder every day new search engines pup up everywhere. But since they are not as big as Google and yahoo and some other engines, they use rewards as a way to entice users to search on their site. You won’t make a lot of money fast, but it’s a good chunk of change for what you already do anyway.


#47 Review Products and Websites

Set up a website or a blog and start a review site. Website owners and bloggers will pay you to post a review of their site on your site. It helps them get the word out and helps you get the dough.

You can also review products you are an affiliate of, on your site, linking to the merchant’s site using your especial affiliate link, so that whenever someone buys the products using your link, you get your commission

#48 Sharing Files Online

Very similar to stock photography option, but its files and documents instead of pictures. There are a couple of document sharing sites that you can upload any kind of file you own to, every time someone downloads one of your files, you make a few cents. Files can be in almost any format, from TXT to PDF and everything in between.

#49 Stock Photography Sites

If you like photography and enjoy taking interesting pictures, there are a bunch of websites known as Stock photography Sites where you can upload your images and receive a commission each time someone downloads an image of yours.

The good thing about using stock photography as a way to pocket a few bucks is that its passive income. You upload the picture once, but you keep getting rewarded each time somebody downloads it. Imagine the potential of having 100s of images on 5 or 6 stock photography sites.

#50 Surf the Web

This is one of the earliest GPT style sites that created an opportunity for anyone to earn few cents at a time by visiting advertiser’s websites for a set amount of time (usually less than 10 sec). You can’t really call it earning money, but at the same time, there is not much work required either.

#51 Do Freelance Writing

One of the most popular options when it comes to Internet money-making is freelance writing. You don’t need any money to invest, there is no need to own a website, (although having one helps) and best of all you can make quick money. Publish your service in Fiverr to take your income to the next level.

#52 Play Games (Game Money)

Yes, you can actually get paid to play online games. On game sites like Farm Gold and Second Life, you can make virtual money which can be exchanged for real money.


I am sure you have heard of Ansche Chung, the first person who become a millionaire exchanging her virtual money earned from Second Life for real money (worth over a million dollar).

#53 Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is becoming a popular method for companies for evaluating the performance and customer service skills of their employees. Although there are a lot of different opinions about this, mystery shopping is actually growing as an industry. You will be assigned to shop and dine in different places and report your experience back.

Depending on specific assignments, you can expect to be paid anywhere from $45 to $350 or more per assignment. Of course, the amount that you spend buying goods and services will be reimbursed. Sometimes you can keep the item you bought at no cost.

#54 Tweet for sponsor

Sponsored Tweets is an online platform that allows you to make money on Twitter by charging sponsors for communicating their advertising messages to your followers. You set the amount you want to get paid for every tweet you make, choose a category and select keywords you want to work with. You then wait for advertisers to contact you and take you up on your offer, paying you the amount you specified for each tweet that you make.

All throughout the process, the tweeter has full control over his or her account, and may choose the wordings of the tweets, or may choose to reject the tweet altogether.

#55 Become a mobile App tester

People that are rather uncertain of their application development potential can still make some money through the usage of iPhone apps.

People that have the time and desire to test iPhone apps and discover bugs can be rewarded payments for their efforts. uTestis one such application. Individuals that have signed up will also build some reputation on the basis of the testing they have done so far.

Better reputation signifies access to more profitable app testing opportunities.

Final Word

Of all the above- mentioned ways to make money from home, my preference is always affiliate marketing. If you are interested in alternative ways to generate a real passive income online, you might want to consider running your own legitimate online business.

Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products from other companies. Any product you promote is going to be based on your opinion, and you are not required to stick with just one company.

If this is an area you’re interested in, you could learn more about this through my 7-day free email course or you could join the program here. The guide is an excellent way to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and to get started in the field yourself.



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  1. Greg says:

    Thank you, Alex, for the excellent list. Building a website in these days could be very easy for somebody with experience and writing skills. For someone who doesn’t have an experience, the journey will be very time-consuming a particular with a long hours full-time job. I will use your list to find a way to reduce my working hours to have more time for building my website. If you have any recommendation, I appreciate.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Greg,

      As I recommended in the post here, affiliate marketing is my preferred way to make a sustainable income online. If you are new to this topic, you could perhaps read Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

      It is not difficult at all to start an online business and monetize it. If you need some help or guidance, you could refer to this training course.

      Hope it helps.


  2. Murtala says:

    Thank you Alex for your wonderful work. I want to know if you will be willing to provide guide me on any of the business i pick?

  3. Dave says:

    Hey Alex,

    I didn’t know there were these many ways you could make money from home. My favorite is #1 and #2. I’ve got my website ready and now I want to understand affiliate marketing well enough to earn from it.

    Could you please show me how to do affiliate marketing the right way and start making a good deal of monthly income?

    Thanks, I’m waiting.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Dave,

      As an affiliate marketer, in order to monetize your site, you need to learn the following basic skills:

      How to create high-quality contentHow to choose the right keywords to SEO rank your page on search engine as they are free trafficHow to create email listHow to set up a domain and maintain itHow to engage your readers (e.g. email subscription, social media posting and etc)How to create an efficient post that converts traffic to sales

      Create great content is not enough to make a lucrative income online today. You will have to make use of social media platform to promote your content and drive traffic to purchase items via your product reviews. Not only that, you will have to do some keyword research in order to rank your website on search engines to get free traffic. Traffic means revenue.

      You could follow my email course here if you would like me to work alongside with you.


  4. John says:

    Hey Alex,

    I have read some of your articles and learned many ways to make money online. This 55 best and real ways to make money from home is particularly informative for those who don’t know where and how to start.

    I have signed up for your email course and it is amazing. Thanks for proving me the guidance needed. My site is now on the way and ready to monetize!

    Thanks a lot.


    • Alex Y says:

      You are most welcome John. I am happy to hear that my guidance helps. Let me know if you need further assistance along the way.

      Catch up soon!


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